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dating services teen I watched as Master folded a towel and placed it on the counter I listened as He spoke dating services teen to me, and I listened dating relationship teen well dating services teen For I did not want to dating services teen sleep on that floor, I wanted to be with Him I laid my head on the counter on the towel as instructed My breast fell and hung from my dating services teen chest, this really awakened me dating services teen As the colour was now red, such a beautiful red The feeling was so different, almost like each breast had a nipple clamp on the whole thing I guess chat dating teen the bindings were just that in a way I spread dating services teen my legs wide, and pulled my butt dating services teen cheeks open wide My head was turned so I could not see what Master was doing I heard the drawer open, and Him doing something, I was just dating love quiz teen not sure advice christian dating teen what His finger touched dating services teen my little hole and I jumped, it was cold and wet dating services teen I dating parenting teen knew in a second it was KY Then I felt the small plastic piece being stuffed into my hole I thought it might hurt, but it did not, it dating picture teen was a little uncomfortable, but that was all "Alright, now littleone, your ass is going to be filled I want you to take a deep breath, and then relax The more you relax and stay clam the faster your ass will fill I am going to start now" dating services teen He said "Yes, Master" dating services teen I replied No sooner had the words left His mouth and I could feel dating services teen the liquid entering me It took like seconds and I thought dating free services teen I would dating services teen bust dating services teen It came out so fast, or I thought it did I started to wiggle a little bit "Don't move, stay still" He dating services teen barked at me I nodded yes My hands starting to shake a little My breasts starting to ache dating services teen a bit I kept taking deep breaths and listing to His words It did not take long and i had it all in me "Good girl, you have it all Now the plug" He dating services teen said dating services teen His voice was almost sweet In one swift motion He pulled the tube out dating services teen article dating teen and plugged my ass with a medium sized butt plug I dating services teen stayed in the position He had me in He pulled dating services teen my hand dating services teen to the plug "Hold it there, for a minute" I heard a clicking sound It was a timer Then I felt something soft dating services teen on the area around my butt plug, which was a face cloth, I later found out Master started to rub the small of my back, then the sides of my tummy the dating services teen hung.


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His soft tone dating services teen in His voice, made me feel wonderful His hand touched my breast, first the right one, pulling it, then pinching it I could not help but to dating services teen moan It was an incredible feeling Then dating services teen He moved to the left breast doing the same I moaned more, a little louder than the last dating services teen time dating services teen Master told me to let it out, not to speak but enjoy the sensations, my body was receiving He then took the loose leash and smacked at them lightly He dating services teen told dating single teen me to play with my clit My hand moved dating services teen to it, I could not believe dating services teen how wet I was I started to play and follow His instructions Rubbing it, pushing on it hard, then pinching it, stretching it The more I played the more my ass wiggled The pressure dating services teen was getting hard and I was starting to cramp some Master knew this and talked me advice dating girl teen threw it, making free online dating agency dating services abusive dating relationship teen teen want to hold it all that much more With out warning, Master hand came down on one dating services teen ass cheek, cause me to dating services teen jump and gasp Master slapped them a few times dating services teen on each dating services teen cheek Each slap making abuse against dating teen them warm all over again dating girl teen tip My breasts smashed into the cabinet I almost screamed as it hurt, I could not see the single online dating agency uk colour of them, but they we hurting dating services teen I was starting to hurt everywhere But not a dating services teen hurt , hurt dating services teen and aching hurt, a warming The cramps did hurt, and my legs dating services teen were starting to give out "Five more minutes my love you can to this Breathe deep, that's it That's my girl" His voice in a controlling mode HIs voice guided me, at all times I listened and did as I was told His hand went back to the small of my back and soothed me The timer went off, He took my hand and placed it on the cloth telling me to hold online free dating agency uk it I did this, I really thought I was dating services teen going to pass out, any second now, as my legs were about to give out He took the leash and dating services teen tugged me upwards so I was standing upright again I looked dating services teen at my breasts, they were almost purple dating services teen He bent His head down and kissed my nipple I let out a noise that had never come from my lips before, then He nibbled on it a bit and pulled at it I was almost dancing dating services teen I want to let go so much He then went to the dating services teen next nipple doing the same More noises came from my lips, and I wobbled, dating services teen like I was going to fall over His hands went to dating services teen my waist and held me tight.


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"Now, love, dating services teen I want you 18 dating gay teen under to hold that plug tight into you as I take the bindings off your breasts" He said to me His eyes not leaving my face As the leash was being unravelled, I did scream, my legs started to give out again My body tightened dating services teen and I came, dating services teen I dating services teen came so hard, that I started to go down to my knees dating services teen Master grabbed the leash and held it tight I was shimming and moving all over the place My eyes dating services teen must have rolled in advice dating love teen the back of my head, as dating personals teen dating dating fact teen services teen it was the most intense feeling I think dating services teen I had ever had But, I never let that plug dating services teen go dating services teen My dating services teen body was so warm, dating services teen I was breaking out into dating services teen a sweat This was unbelievably, the most wonderful experience I had ever dating services teen had "That's my girl , let it go But hold that plug, let it take you, let it take you to a new high" His voice was full of excitement I was panting and shaking so dating services teen badly I was unsure if I was still adult dating teen even dating services teen there It almost seamed like a dream As soon as I came down, and was in a little more control of dating services teen my surroundings, Master spoke to me again "Now, love, I will leave you to empty dating services teen yourself dating services teen When you are done, call me and I will come back" He said I could tell that I had pleased Him dating services teen He walked out of the bathroom closing the door I hurried and did what I had to do, that dating services teen was the worse part of it all When I dating dating fact teen services teen finished I cleaned up quickly and called out to Master I did dating services teen not know what to expect so I was on my knees, in the position He liked for me dating pre teen to wait, for Him by He raised my face and bent down and kissed my lips, not saying dating services teen a word Then He tugged on the leash, and I stood He removed the leashes and the collar Pointed to the tub I got in and stood there Till Master touched the back of my knees and I went down into the water on them "Littleone, You please me, well I am very happy with you and I love you dearly But as time goes by, I see more and more slave in you This pleases me as well" I listened to Him speak The words slave still did not sit well with me Yet I knew He was right I was more dating services teen Masters slave, than I was dating services teen His sub "But, I know those words make you feel uncomfortable dating services teen So you will be dating services teen my lil subbie/slave.

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