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In front of you adult dating teen again, I speak, my voice low and sensuous "Your clothes, take them dating helpful teen tip off I want to see you fully" You begin, dating helpful teen tip awkwardly at first, to remove the white starched shirt and well fitting jeans dating chat dating room teen helpful teen tip you dating helpful teen tip wear dating helpful teen tip Your chest and arms have the sheen of anticipation I look pointedly at the dating helpful teen tip shorts you have yet dating helpful teen tip to remove Glancing nervously at the uncovered window and dating helpful teen tip then at me, you hesitate My eyebrows arch, reminding you of my command as I wait to be obeyed "But, the window," you whisper "Nothing is required of advice dating girl teen you You know that," I remind dating helpful teen tip you "I can leave anytime, dating helpful teen tip but you must remember that if I leave this way, I will not return" Your shoulders slump in acceptance, and you remove your remaining clothing As you stand before me now, completely exposed, I reach out dating helpful teen tip my hand and bring one long red fingernail down your chest, leaving a faint mark Then, taking one of your nipples between dating internet teen two of my nails, I squeeze You think it should hurt, but it sends an erotic shiver down your spine and brings your cock dating helpful teen tip to attention advice dating teen Your eyes, still downcast, close dating helpful teen tip to enjoy the sensation, dating online teen and you hear the sound of your own ragged breath I gently take your face in my hands and raise it to look at me, capturing your eyes with mine I kiss you, pressing my mouth hard against yours, twining my fingers in your hair and pulling you into me, searching, tasting, agency dating internet online and dating helpful teen tip leaving you breathless when I finally dating helpful teen tip let you go With my hand on your chest I feel it rise and dating helpful teen tip fall with your quickening breath, your heartbeat begin to accelerate, your skin dating helpful teen tip moisten in expectation I beckon you to kneel on the wooden floor in dating helpful teen tip front of me I turn and walk away from you, pick up my bag I have brought and dating helpful teen tip advice christian dating teen begin to lay its contents out on a square of black satin draped over the low black marble table You inhale the scent of jasmine as I light a candle You see the light glint on the polished steel of the clamps, you hear the muffled slap of the black rubber flogger as its straps hit the table, and you shiver in anticipation and a dating free service teen little fear as I dating helpful teen tip lay out my favorite dildo, sleek and long.


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When I return to you, and bid stand, I tie your wrists together behind you with a soft satin cord bringing the other end through your legs dating helpful teen tip to tie tightly just above your balls "Don't pull," I warn you "It will hurt" I blindfold you, and you feel the fur lining against your eyelids You are disoriented You don't know what's coming next, you only know that you feel so exposed, afraid someone will look up to your window and see you bare, bound, and vulnerable You hear my footsteps and suddenly feel the bite dating helpful teen tip of clamps on your nipples The pain is immediate, dating helpful teen tip but you find dating helpful teen tip it so seductive, knowing your pain is my pleasure The chain linking the clamps is cold on your skin, but the burning from your nipples overcomes the chill A whimper escapes your lips I breathe dating helpful teen tip in your ear, I stroke your hair and whisper your name "You are safe," dating helpful teen tip I remind you "I am near I may dating man older teen hurt agency dating internet online you, but I would never harm you Know that and enjoy" You dating dating question teen helpful teen tip gasp as you feel hot wax dating helpful teen tip from my candle spill onto your very erect cock, hot enough to dating helpful teen tip elicit your response, but not to harm you I promised I dating helpful teen dating help teen tip wouldn't harm you It falls drop by drop, and the aroma of jasmine envelops you The heat excites you "Is it good?" I ask A thin "Yes, Mistress," is all advice dating girl teen you can muster "I'm so glad Do you know how advice dating girl teen hot it dating helpful teen tip makes me when you whimper?" I ask, and I decide to show you dating helpful teen tip I lay my hands on your shoulders, and push you to kneel once dating local service teen more You feel my booted legs fall dating helpful teen tip across your shoulders as I sit in the deep red dating helpful teen tip velvet chair in front dating helpful teen tip of you You can smell my scent, feel the dating helpful teen tip warmth radiate from within me dating helpful teen tip "You can tell now, dating helpful teen tip can't you You can tell dating helpful teen tip how hot I am advice dating love teen growing here dating helpful teen tip with you Eat" It dating helpful teen tip is a command, dating helpful teen tip not dating helpful teen tip a request You lean toward me and bury your face in my very hot and oh so wet pussy "Use your tongue," I demand " Suck on my clit Um, that's just right dating site teen young God, you make me so hot" Without warning, you feel the rubber straps of my flogger crash upon your back, hear dating helpful teen tip the slap as it makes contact with your flesh, spurring the dating helpful teen tip intensity of your task Again, 18 dating gay teen under and again you feel it, and your tongue moves faster, dating helpful teen tip harder.


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I dating canadian dating gay services teen helpful teen tip drop the handle, and grip your head to pull you into me You hear my moans, and your cock and balls throb in desire dating helpful teen tip Slowly at first, and dating helpful teen tip then building, my abuse dating teen body is overcome in the throes of pleasure When I can stand it no more, I dating guide teen dating helpful teen tip push dating helpful teen tip you away, your face wet from me You smile like a schoolboy who's gotten an A in class, abuse dating teen until I dating helpful teen dating interracial teen tip slip my hands to your chest to swiftly release the clamps Your cry is muffled by your tightly clenched teeth "They always hurt the most when they come off," a hint of amusement dating dating statistics teen helpful teen tip in my voice "Don't they, dating personals teen my sweet?" I stand and cut the cord that dating helpful teen tip binds your hands and balls You are allowed you to move again but you remain there, on your knees, waiting dating helpful teen tip for my words I lower the lights, leaving only flickering wicks You hear my footsteps return to you I stop, and slowly remove your blindfold Your dating helpful teen tip eyes are not dating helpful teen tip shocked by the candlelight remaining In my hand you see the dildo I have online dating agency in uk brought with me Your excitement dating helpful teen tip is tinged with dread at the sight Nervously you glance again at the window, remembering the risk of exposure I bend low dating helpful dating online service teen teen tip and whisper softly dating helpful teen tip into your ear, "On all fours, now" You don't want to, and you hesitate, your gaze set on the window My eyes ask the question that needs not be spoken, "Will you submit, or shall I leave?" I see through your eyes the struggle within you You search my face, hoping for a reprieve, but it is not there dating rule teen dating helpful teen tip Finally, your decision made, you obey, utterly giving in, and place your hands upon the floor I move behind you, dating helpful teen tip and you dating helpful teen tip tense, afraid I allow warm oil to trickle between your cheeks, slowly finding its way down to your balls, dating helpful teen tip and dating helpful teen tip further I continue to dribble the oil until it slides dating helpful teen tip down and drips off the tip of your fully erect and very hot cock When I am satisfied with the measure of dating helpful agency australian dating online teen tip oil, I raise the firm rubber shaft to press against dating helpful teen tip your cheeks, signaling my intention to dating helpful teen tip begin You stiffen against the momentary pain as I enter you, pressing fully in Your breath rushes past your lips as you strive to relax You dating helpful teen tip are stretched and filled, wishing for its end, but hoping for its continuation I kneel in dating helpful teen tip front of you and search your eyes for assurance that you are well.

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