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He came back into the living room and sat in His chair I did not move My heart was racing christian dating teen and I was scared, yet I was calm His finger went under my chin He lifted my head up a little and smiled Then He grabbed me by the back of my hair bending my head back and kissed christian dating teen me hard on the lips His tongue pushed into my welcoming mouth We kissed with great hunger and passion I wanted so to wrap my arms around Him, but I christian dating teen did not As christian dating teen the kiss broke He did not let christian dating teen my hair go He held it tight "Littleone christian dating teen you have dating teen violence followed christian dating matches teen dating teen my directions well I am please" His voice strong and sweet to christian dating teen my ears "Thank you , Master" My voice nervous He picked up the brush, and smiled Brought it to my lips, I kissed it He did not take it away, so I kissed it again "Lick it, I want it nice and christian dating teen wet for your ass I want every swat to sting I want you to know this as punishment and not christian dating teen a game" His voice almost cruel His grip loosened on my head at the same time I knew it was His love, I christian dating teen was about to feel I kissed christian dating teen the brush again, and started christian dating dating statistics teen teen to lick it Making it all wet, as wet as I could, covering it with the my own spit He watched me christian dating teen dating free teen closely and smiled as my tongue worked away doing what He christian dating teen wished When it was ready He pulled it christian dating teen away from my dating services teen mouth and let go of my hair I knew it was time I bent over my head on the floor to the side , my ass christian dating teen high in the air My hands wrapped around the back of my knees My breasts pressed christian dating teen to the floor I took dating minneapolis service christian dating teen a deep breath and waited HIs christian dating teen hand touched my ass and my slit I shook some at His touch I knew what I was to get would hurt But, I deserved it fully The first smack was a hard one, took my breath away I counted it out loud as I knew I should christian dating teen The next five in the same spot hurt just as much, and I counted each one Master moved to the other cheek, and laid five on that one as well Each one hurting as it struck, and each one counted out loud What I did not expect, as Master straddled my body, was the brush on my pussy lips and my little hole The first one brought tears to my eyes dating helpful teen tip christian dating teen I gasped and made a noise and I knew I christian dating teen should not have.


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As I said one , the next one hit me Each one broke me down to crying more, Master have never hit me like this before He christian dating teen swatted me ten times like this, till I was in tears His hand came to my bottom, and He rubbed it gently, with christian dating teen His hand Soothing it some as it tingled and christian dating service teen started to burn His lips lightly touches my cheeks "Good christian dating teen girl, you may now go back to christian dating teen your position" christian dating teen His voice online dating agency in uk a little more to the softer side but still strong and christian dating teen firm "Yes, Master" I said as I quickly moved back into the position I was in when He arrived He put His finger under my christian dating dating free services teen teen chin, and turned my advice dating teen head up a little and kisses my christian dating teen lips softly "You , remember what christian dating teen we have talked about over christian chat dating free teen dating teen the past few weeks? Are you still willing christian dating teen to try, as I will not dating girl teen force you Nor will I be angry if you have changed you christian dating teen mind about anything All I hope to do is to, is to help you grow, to teach christian dating teen you more about yourself As well, as to teach you how to please me more" His dating online services teen voice was calm, yet still very strong My head nodded as Master christian dating teen spoke I knew in my heart and christian dating teen in my head christian dating teen that christian dating teen Master would not hurt me for anything But, I also christian dating teen knew that some pain, pain I was not used to might happen as well But it would be a pain, christian dating teen that would soon put a smile to my face As well as a smile on Masters, because christian dating teen I christian dating teen had christian dating teen tried, or because I had succeeded I was more than willing, as I christian dating teen had christian dating teen read everything I could get my hands on As embarrassing, dating helpful teen tip as it might be The pleasure for both of us would be greater in the end Master gazed into my eyes looking for the real answer, He knew it was the truth, I was willing "Lift christian dating teen your hair, littleone, and hold it high" He said I did as I was told His hands went to christian dating teen my neck and christian dating teen He removed christian dating dating online services teen teen my gold collar I gasped, I almost cried as I christian dating teen seen Him lay it on the table christian dating teen beside Him He reached beside the table and pulled out a soft black collar with rings christian dating teen on it He placed it on my neck and did it up I sighed with relief, knowing that I was still His He then attached a christian dating teen leash to it and tugged on it A waves of panic set in over me We had spoke of this, but never said we would try it.


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He wrapped it around my breasts binding them, it was a long leash, and in seconds I could feel it tightening christian dating teen I watched wide eyed as He did this, not saying a dating issue teen christian dating teen word Once He was finished, wrapping it on my breasts, He attached christian dating teen another leash to my collar It hung between my breast dating free site teen web My christian dating teen hands were still in my hair holding it and my position had not changed My breast started to get a little pink, Master flicked the nipple with His fingers I jumped a little, but could feel the warmth in them already He then took the loose christian dating teen leash and started to tap each nipple a couple times with christian dating teen the end of it, almost like whipping them christian dating teen It brought more warmth to chat dating free teen them both now I liked the feeling as it spread threw my breasts Then with a slight tug of the leash, my head was brought down a christian dating teen bit "Follow me" He said I started to dating girl teen christian dating teen get up "No, you will crawl You will be in total christian dating teen submission This is what we talked christian dating teen of and this is what you will do Now, you may christian dating teen remove your hands from your hair and follow me "Yes, Master" I said as I christian dating teen moved on to all fours, I was shaking I wanted to cry I felt so bad being on all fours like an animal christian dating teen I moved as quick as I could Master was slow in letting me keep up with Him As we got closer to the bathroom the more my breasts started to throb a little, or numb I was not sure I could not raise my head right either or it pulled on them to much As my ass wiggled , my breasts, hurt more, but it was a hurt of a different kind Once inside the bathroom, my christian dating teen learning would really start As, I crossed the door way a new panic set in for a brief moment He dating online services teen pulled the leash so I would stand up, as I did my breasts pulled my head down, I christian dating teen was standing in front abuse against dating teen of the mirror They were pink starting to turn red, yet I was pleased with what christian dating teen I saw The panic went away, I just wanted Masters touch He dropped the second leash so it fell between my breasts, it was a beauty I had never pictured in my mind before I just stood there and looked at myself, christian dating teen much like I did the first time I dating in minneapolis speed seen Masters marks of love on christian dating teen my body There was a peace christian dating teen there, that only I could feel.

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