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The act was dating free teen tip signed into law in 1988 and amended in 1992 It requires state licensure for drug wholesalers and dating free teen tip requires a pedigree to dating free teen tip be provided by dating free teen tip online dating agency for single those wholesalers who dating game teen are not considered 殿uthorized distributors dating free teen tip of the products free online dating agency of a given manufacturer (The definition of an authorized distributor is somewhat controversial: there is disagreement about who designates a wholesaler as authorized and how formal that designation must be) Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the Prescription Drug Marketing Act uk online dating agency in combating counterfeit drugs has been limited Implementation of its pedigree requirements has been problematic, and until recently, filling out a brief application and paying a nominal fee dating free teen tip were sufficient to meet most state licensure standards Moreover, because of a lack of dating free teen tip funding, many states are unable to conduct regular inspections of dating free teen tip wholesalers to ensure that they are in compliance dating free teen tip with, among other things, requirements regarding storage, handling, and record keeping dating free teen tip The minimal requirements for state licensure, the lack of inspections, and the historical dating free teen tip practice of wholesalers transacting of dating free teen tip business on the basis dating free teen tip of a handshake have been cited dating free teen tip as reasons why some counterfeit drugs make their way to pharmacies and dating free teen tip patients Moreover, there are currently substantially smaller state and federal criminal penalties for counterfeiting dating free teen tip drugs than for other types of coun- Counterfeit Drugs Downloaded from wwwnejmorg on May 22, 2006 Copyright ゥ 2004 Massachusetts Medical Society dating free teen tip All rights reserved n engl j med dating man older teen dating free teen tip 350;14 wwwnejmorg april 1, 2004 1386 PERSPECTIVE terfeiting dating free teen tip For dating free teen tip example, counterfeiting a dating free teen tip trademark on a prescription-drug label dating free teen tip is dating free teen tip punishable by up to 10 years in prison, whereas counterfeiting dating free teen tip the drug itself is punishable dating free teen tip by a maximum of 3 years dating free teen tip in prison Given these penalties and the current regulatory environment, dating free dating personals teen teen tip there is growing concern that the numbers dating free teen tip of counterfeit drugs in the United abuse dating teen States may increase substantially in dating free teen tip the near future dating free teen tip In a recent report based on the dating free teen tip work of an internal task force, the dating services teen FDA identified dating free teen tip several key elements of any effort to secure the nation痴 drug supply.


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1 One element is the adoption by all 50 states of the revised model rules released by the National dating advice dating online teen free teen tip Association dating free teen tip of Boards of Pharmacy to strengthen the state dating free teen tip licensure requirements dating statistics teen violence for wholesale distributors These revisions include requirements for corporate background checks, dating free teen tip beefed-up pedigree requirements, and increased criminal penalties similar to those recently adopted by the state of Florida Another element is the continued development and implementation of secure business practices by various stakeholders For example, several manufacturers have said that they will sell their dating free teen tip drug products only to wholesalers who agree to purchase them only directly from the manufacturer dating free teen tip and that they will publish the dating free teen tip names of those wholesalers on their Web sites The Healthcare Distribution Management Association, a trade association representing wholesalers, recently released a dating free teen tip due-diligence dating free teen tip checklist that it says should be used by a wholesaler conducting business with another wholesaler As conditions for membership, the association is requiring licensure and verification dating free teen tip of security measures dating internet teen being used dating free teen tip to agency black dating online protect the drug supply Perhaps the most important element in ensuring a safe drug supply will be the attachment of dating lesbian teen radio-frequency dating free teen tip identification tags containing a unique electronic dating free teen tip serial number (the electronic product code, or EPC) to every bottle of drugs dating free teen tip intended dating free teen tip for sale in the United States Each EPC will be dating free teen tip irreversibly written by the manufacturer and will be associated dating free teen tip with drug-specific information dating free teen tip that agency dating internet online will be kept in a secure data base Thus, the EPC should permit the tracking and tracing of the item from the point of manufacture to the point dating free teen tip of dispensing (providing an unimpeachable pedigree) and be virtually impossible to counterfeit EPCs will also dating dating story teen violence free teen tip allow for easier dating free teen advice dating girl teen tip inventory control, recalling of products, and assurance that patients get the right prescriptions; eventually, it may enable patients to determine precisely dating free teen tip where their drugs have advice christian dating teen been and the dating free teen tip environmental dating free teen tip conditions in which they have been dating free teen tip stored from manufacture to final purchase.


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Although it may be 2007 before these tags are in common use for drugs, they are currently in commercial use on consumer dating site teen web products such as jeans and perfume and are being tested on pharmaceutical products In addition to track-and-trace technology, sophisticated forms of dating free teen tip authentication technology, similar to those used in the dating free teen tip United States on the new $20 bill, may be appropriate for certain products, especially those most dating free teen tip likely to be counterfeited However, dating free teen tip they are expensive and can ultimately be defeated by well-financed, sophisticated counterfeiters, so dating teen manufacturers will have to determine the appropriateness of their use on a product-byproduct dating free teen tip basis It will take time for the US dating free teen tip drug supply to be secured effectively, but physicians and patients can take dating free teen tip some immediate steps to minimize the risk dating free teen tip of exposure to dating free teen tip counterfeit drugs In an effort to help physicians stay informed about counterfeit drugs in the marketplace, organizations representing health care professionals and consumers have joined the FDA in creating a 田ounterfeit alert network that will be used to send alerts about counterfeit drugs In addition, physicians should tell their patients to contact them if they have any unusual reactions or side effects or dating free teen tip if a prescription dating free teen tip drug appears, tastes, or smells abnormal; dating parent teen in turn, physicians dating free teen tip should rule out age dating teen the use of counterfeit drugs whenever a patient has an atypical adverse reaction, dating free teen tip unusual side effect, dating free teen tip or unexplained treatment failure Finally, the Med- Watch program dating free teen tip for the voluntary reporting of adverse events and other problems related to drugs, medical devices, and dating free teen tip dietary supplements has been expanded to include the reporting of suspected counterfeit drugs From the Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, Md 1 Combating counterfeit drugs: a report of the Food and Drug Administration Rockville, Md: Food and Drug Administration, February 2004 (Accessed March 3, 2004, at http://wwwfdagov/ oc/initiatives/counterfeit/report02_04html) Counterfeit Drugs Downloaded from wwwnejmorg on May 22, dating forum teen 2006 Copyright dating free teen tip ゥ 2004 Massachusetts Medical Society.

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