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Wayne lifted the guide up and the girl gasped for breath, her dating personals teen face red with the veins of her neck pulsing "A switch!" he called as the slave girl rose to her feet assuming the position again The guide clapped dating personals teen her hands dating personals teen and a variety of switches were rushed dating lesbian teen to Wayne He chose one about a foot long and thinner than a number two pencil The slave girl stood still, her hands behind her back with her breasts thrust out proudly He swung the switch, it dating personals teen swished slicing through the air and struck the erect nipple of her right breast He continued to switch the nipple with about ten smart strokes before moving to dating personals teen agency australian dating online the left nipple The slave girl remained still, though she had begun to tremble Wayne stepped to dating personals teen her side and began switching her right buttock He delivered twenty-five fast, smart strokes to it before moving on to the left The girl still seemed in control, though her breathing coming in fast gasps now Next Wayne concentrated on the backs of her thighs He switched down one and up the other, dating question teen and then began again The girl dating personals teen took more than fifty dating personals teen lashes from the switch before he moved on, all in silence Stepping in front dating personals teen of her, Wayne instructed her dating personals teen to bend her knees She obeyed, sinking slightly as her knees bent and her legs opened wider Wayne's target was the tender dating personals teen insides of her thighs He left them bright red when he moved on to her cunt If she could withstand this onslaught, she was truly a very well trained slave The slave girl dating personals teen still had not uttered a single word, her body was red where Wayne had dating personals teen switched her, and her dating personals teen flesh dating personals teen must have been dating personals teen on fire dating personals teen He aimed the dating personals teen switch at the juncture dating personals teen of her pouting cunt lips and tender chat dating free room teen thighs with dating online site teen the first strokes Then he moved dating personals teen in both directions, a dating personals teen couple landing between the swollen lips striking her throbbing clit, which have dating statistics teen violence most certainly felt like a hot coal pressed against it Wayne handed the switch to the guide, then grabbed the slave girl's neck He dating personals teen lowered dating personals teen his lips to agency australian dating online hers and kissed her as his other hand dating personals teen slipped dating personals teen back between her soaked thighs The girl was even wetter now, her pussy so slick his fingers slipped inside her without any resistance at all.


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She moaned softly dating story teen into her Master's mouth as she clamped her vaginal muscles dating personals teen around his finger She was dating personals teen indeed a very good slave, if not the best "Bring this slave dating personals teen to as many dating gay teen dating personals teen orgasms as she desires," Wayne instructed the black slave girl beside her Her response was without hesitation, jumping dating personals teen to her knees before her sister to eagerly dating personals teen press her face between her thighs The bald slave yelped dating personals teen feeling her burning inner thighs, dating personals teen then moaned dating personals teen softly as the black slave began to smack Wayne walked to the end of the row and turned, abuse dating teen dating personals teen looking dating personals teen at all the tits and pussies at his command He stepped to the next row and looked down it More naked breasts, uncovered pussies and rounded asscheeks dating personals teen filled his vision He had never experienced this feeling before, it felt great He walked through the dating personals teen rest of the rows, dating personals teen testing a advice dating love teen few more pussies and anuses He advice dating online teen then dismissed the ranks and watched as they dating personals teen hurried back to dating personals dating service teen teen their dating personals teen duties, with bouncing breasts and jiggling asscheeks "All pets with pubis will be smoothly shaven immediately," dating personals teen he instructed the guide "I want no stubble, and that dating personals teen includes the entire crotch region, legs below the knee and underarms The only hair allowed is on the head, and dating personals teen the fine hairs on the upper thighs and dating personals teen arms" "Master, age dating teen it will be as you command," dating personals teen the guide replied The guide痴 words reinforced his feelings of dominance "Now I want to see more of my kingdom" "As dating service teen you wish, Master" Wayne dating personals teen headed along the path through the village It was beautiful, dating love quiz teen flowers were everywhere as well as naked women sunning themselves or dating personals teen tending to chores The guide followed behind, not dating personals teen too close and yet not too far, she stayed just where Wayne could dating personals teen feel her presence He followed the path to its end The building before him was enormous Great pillars lined the steps that led to two large, heavy wooden doors, Wayne somehow felt it was made for him "Master, this is where all your special ceremonies are held, it is the Grand Hall," the guide informed Wayne walked dating personals teen up the stone steps, the guide bolted before him and struggled to open the door open for his entrance.


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He entered to find an enormous single room filled with slaves The interior was grand, a large throne dating personals teen rested atop a high platform, which contained three flights of six steps that ascended to abusive dating relationship teen it Wayne walked the steps and sat in the huge chair, the guide followed and knelt dating online teen dating personals teen at his left side, sitting on her folded feet with her hands folded behind her dating personals teen back The guide explained, "Almost every event has a ceremony dating personals teen attached, changing of the seasons, holidays, birthdays, and inductions of dating personals teen new members dating personals teen All of our ceremonies relay our submissiveness and include orgiesand floggings and whippings, of course" "Disobedience is not a normal cause for a ceremony, adult agency dating in online uk punishment is dealt swiftly and justly But the problem slaves are confined in solitary until the ceremony, and then bound to these pillars Their punishment begins the ceremony and serves as a warning to the others watching not to disobey dating personals teen In severest of cases, the entire stable of slaves give a couple of lashes to the offender "Master, dating personals teen the dating personals teen Mistress of your slaves will join you shortly She serves in your place here while dating personals teen you are away Oh, here she comes now, Master" The guide slipped from the side of the throne and took a position on the dating personals teen bottom step with her head bowed The Mistress walked up the steps to him She dating personals teen dating group teen was more dating personals teen dressed than earlier, Wayne figured it was due to the night's festivities She sank to her knees at dating personals teen his feet and pressed her head between his ankles and kissed his them "Master, I'm the Mistress dating personals teen of your village This village now belongs to you, every stone dating personals teen and slave in it You must choose a symbol for your slaves to show your ownership of them" Wayne thought about her words The one dating online services teen symbol that stuck in his mind was a butterfly, dating personals teen the symbol of rebirth All these women had indeed been reborn, from one life into this one "I think a butterfly will be the symbol, " he dating personals teen told her 溺y symbol is the dating personals teen butterfly "Master, it dating personals teen will be as you wish, each slave will wear the mark of your symbol, the butterfly All harnesses and uniforms shall bear your symbol, as well as the buildings.

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