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Scratching the skin lightly, over her breasts, her stomach, and her thighs I ensured that I covered her inner thighs, but studiously avoided her mons By now every nerve in her skin was screaming for attention and her hips were rolling around subconsciously She moaned quietly to herself whether I single online dating agency uk was touching her or not I put down the comb Earlier I had placed some raspberry flavored oil on dating forum teen a candle dating forum teen warmer, and dating forum teen now I dating statistics teen reached for the bowl "It's time for my dessert now, jewel傭ut presentation is everything, so I must prepare" "Oooh yes Master, online free dating agency uk please dating free teen tip touch me My skin is on fire Please?" Picking up the dating forum teen soft, fan-shaped dating forum teen art brush I dating forum teen had brought with me, I walked around my writhing sub dating forum teen Coating the 3/4 inch brush agency dating internet online in oil, I admired the sight before me, and chose my dating forum teen starting place Unable to see me, jewel keenly listened for my footsteps, trying dating free online teen to determine where I was, and when/if dating forum teen I article dating teen was going to touch her I moved to her side Dipped and dabbed the brush, then placed it beneath her right arm and ran it down her dating forum teen side jewel grunted - from the warmth, dating forum teen the feathery softness of dating forum teen the bristles, and the slippery oil I continued painting the oil羊eplenishing the brush as I went預round onto her lower back Then down between her buttocks, dating forum teen onto her inner thigh, spiraling around her leg towards her foot, stopping at the strap of her dating forum teen shoe I stood and recommenced painting at the dating forum teen top of her buttocks, up and over her hip The warm oil added a sheen to her skin Around and down, dating forum teen I trailed the brush along dating forum teen dating free services teen that sensitive line between abdomen and pelvis, dating forum teen straight towards her center She arched towards me揺ead thrown back, pelvis thrust forward, panting When I reached her mons proper, I stopped, recharged my brush, and continued painting around the gentle swell of her belly and in towards her navel Again, I replenished my brush and proceeded northward Around her breast, spiraling inwards to the areola, and then the dating forum teen nipple葉horoughly coating the dating forum teen latter in the fragrant oil On the other breast, dating forum teen I started on the nipple and spiraled canadian dating gay services teen outward around the dating forum teen breast dating forum teen and then up the middle of her chest, her neck, and onto her lips用ainting her lips delicately dating forum teen with the oil.


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"Just a taste, my pet, of what dating forum teen I dating forum teen will be savoring" I put down the bowl dating story teen violence dating forum teen and brush, dating forum teen and walked around her, "Are you regretting your decision to hold back for later, my jewel? You know dating forum teen you dating online service teen can orgasm whenever you want, but that will be dating forum teen all for tonight預nd perhaps for dating forum teen a long time" Standing close, in front dating forum teen of her, "But if you wait, my petaaaaahyou will cum and cum and cum傭ut dating forum teen you must wait and it is sooo hard, isn't it? You must want to release soo badly by now" Through ragged dating forum teen breaths, dating forum teen and nodding her blindfold head, she grunted her answer, "Nnng, sssssso v-v-very hard M-Master B-b-but i'll wait, dating free online teen Sir, please" Smiling, I moved to the side dating forum teen where I had commenced the oiling Bending my head, I held my lips over her oiled dating forum teen skin for a moment, and then began to lick Softly, lovingly, I tasted her skin, the oil, and her excitement at my touch Down, over her dating forum teen buttocks, her dating forum teen thighs She, pushing towards me, as far as her bonds allowed moaning, "Oh Sir," over and over as the leather restraints creaked Slowly, I licked the oil from her hip, her belly I tasted her navel, smelling her arousal, and then dating forum teen up dating game teen around her breast to the nipple Her dating forum teen moans becoming more strident as I centered on the nub預nd then disappointment as I left it briefly for the other Sucking the second nipple, and then licking upwards her neck, her jaw-line, and finally to dating forum teen her lips dating forum teen Cleaning her dating forum teen mouth of the oil, dating forum teen brushing my lips along hers, I could feel her restraining herself from kissing me without dating quiz teen permission I dating line teen broke contact and stood close but not touching savoring my jewel's submission, savoring our arousal, savoring the agency black dating online night Stepping back, I reassured her, "Almost time to untie you, my pet" From our bag of toys I removed the nipple clamps with which my pet and I had dating forum teen first played They were stronger than the others in our collection and dating forum teen quite painful jewel could dating forum chat dating free room teen teen wear them only briefly, but when she did they increased dating forum teen her arousal dramatically without actually making her orgasm I approached dating forum teen the bound woman and stood very close again Her breathing had calmed somewhat, but her body glowed with intense arousal.


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Gently, I rubbed the cold metal against the tips dating online teen of both nipples She gasped with surprise and stimulation dating forum teen aware that I was touching her with clamps, but unsure which ones I opened the jaws, and slowly allowed them to close on both nipples simultaneously As the pressure increased, jewel could tell dating relationship teen which clamps I had selected, dating pre teen and she moaned in that delightful dating line teen pleasure/pain tone I dating forum teen released dating forum teen the clamps and, as gravity dating forum teen claimed dating service teen them, abuse against dating teen jewel grunted as they advice dating teen pulled on her swollen nubs I reached up dating online service teen and placed the key to her bonds in her hand Stepping dating forum teen backwards I removed my shirt and dating forum teen pants and sat on the dining chair dating picture teen in front of her "My jewel, I am naked, sitting before you you have the key; you may unbuckle yourself, remove dating question teen your blindfold, and come to me dating forum teen However, should you drop the key or be unable to free yourself, I will dating relationship teen assume you do not wish to accept my birthday gift, and I will resume playing with your body" I watched as dating forum teen she manipulated the dating forum teen key Although dexterously done, the clamps, her dating forum teen arousal, and her haste caused her some difficulty Eventually she advice dating parent teen freed one hand, dating forum teen and I watched as she unbuckled her other hand and ankles chat dating free room teen Each dating forum teen movement caused the clamps to swing and pull dating forum teen on her distended nipples, eliciting moans Once free dating forum teen she stood upright dating forum teen and slowly removed her blindfold Her eyes roamed over my body, lingering on my cock用urple and swollen with dating forum teen desire for her Finally she met my gaze and moved to stand in front of me, legs slightly parted Her breathing was deep, her eyes hooded, lips moist "Master, i am untied May i have Your permission to advice dating love teen orgasm?" "My jewel, I would love for you dating forum dating service teen teen to orgasm But I would like you to do dating forum teen it on my cock" She breathed deeply, flinching slightly at the clamps' movement "Then may i sit on Your cock dating forum teen please, Master?" "Of course, my dating forum teen jewel It is so hard and so swollen just for you" She dating forum teen moaned a little at that, dating forum teen and straddled my legs "Thank You, Sir" dating forum teen Her hands on my shoulders, dating forum teen she slowly lowered herself My cock head nudged against her swollen pussy lips, and dating forum teen then I was inside her dating forum teen So hot and tight and wet, the sensation almost making dating forum teen me orgasm.

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