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Then she went to his butt and back of legs, leaving raised reddish-purple welts Rick, his own nipples stretched out and hurting, didn稚 feel single online dating agency uk much sympathy, but he could not help thinking of what dating issue dating picture teen violence teen would be done to him He felt distinctly uneasy, and more so when dating issue teen age dating teen the whipping dating issue teen stopped At Mistress D痴 direction, Julia approached and started dating issue teen on the man痴 cock dating online services teen with her hands, and soon brought him up 全terile tray, please The dating issue teen probes Julia brought a glass-covered tray and removed dating issue teen the cover Mistress D put on latex gloves from the tray and picked up what looked like a glass rod about 12 inches long, smooth, with rounded end; it dating issue teen was about 6 mm in diameter She swabbed the tip of the man痴 cock with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and applied sterile lubricant to the shaft She squeezed open the slit with one gloved hand With the dating issue teen other, she began inserting the probe dating issue teen The man twisted and was in some discomfort, but not much, since the thickness was only about シ inch Rick saw the probe go dating issue teen in deeper and deeper Rick痴 cock twinged as he tried to imagine it Then the probe was in the full length of the cock, dating issue teen perhaps six inches Madam felt for the end at dating issue teen the base of the man痴 organ, and felt the hardness, there 遷ust dating issue teen about three more inches, she said, and shoved the probe in further She felt into his sac and felt dating issue teen the probe痴 tip She pushed the tip inside the root of his dating issue teen penis, to the back of his dating issue teen scrotum and stopped The probe was now about 10 inches inside Rick felt dating issue teen the most disturbing twinges in dating services teen his chat dating teen dating issue teen cock 践ow is that? Mistress D addressed the man 閃istress, it hurts a bit The dating issue teen first words Rick had heard 詮ine, she said dating issue teen 禅hank you for not lying She taped the probe at the tip of his cock so it would not come dating issue teen out, leaving his dating issue teen cock, skewered dating issue teen like a hotdog, dating issue teen partially erect dating issue teen That is, until Julia went to work again His cock dating issue teen reached full length, and Mistress D removed dating issue teen the tape and dating issue teen shoved the probe in a little further and re-taped it She admired the erect cock, stiffly displayed on the probe 遷ulia, the small dating issue teen whip And dating issue teen wear your leather gloves.


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Julia brought a whip with narrow lashes about 6 inches long 践old the probe The glove dating issue teen protected Julia痴 hand dating issue teen while Mistress D concentrated the lashes on the impaled cock, and the man started screaming 全hut up, she said The cock began to look like a piece of red meat on a dating issue teen spit 禅he steel rods, Julia Julia dating forum teen brought the two rods and dating issue teen when Mistress D nodded, grasped the man痴 balls and lifted them up She presented dating issue teen them, held in place Mistress D began tapping the balls with her rods, and Rick痴 stomach started churning Then she started harder, and the screams were real 賎ag him She stopped and turned to Rick, agency australian dating online who dating issue teen was sweating 善lease watch closely She untaped the probe and removed it The man痴 body tensed, dating issue teen then relaxed Is that better? She said The mute figure nodded 遷ulia, dating issue teen the next diameter, please dating issue teen 然ick, she said 奏his new glass probe will be 2 mm larger She took it, chat dating room teen applied lubrication and steadily forced the probe into the inflamed cock She watched the man痴 squirms, which increased 鮮ow dating issue teen to 10mm, she said, and began with the larger probe, which clearly encountered resistance as she drove it dating online teen fully 9 inches into dating issue teen the urethra; he dating love quiz teen saw black dating teen the man痴 agonized twists dating free teen This dating issue teen was clearly the largest probe he could accommodate She gave dating issue teen him dating personals teen a few seconds to dating issue teen get used to the sensation, dating dating forum teen issue teen and dating issue teen apparently the pain abated dating issue teen dating issue teen 選知 will dating internet teen soon remove dating issue teen your gag, slave Please keep quiet She jammed the probe in a bit further; the man yelped, and she taped the fat dating issue teen probe in dating issue teen place, over 9 inches inserted, causing the cock to stand Rick thought of a skewered fish on the barbeque, impaled through its mouth; dating issue teen the probe stretched agency australian dating online out the originally small slit and went in so far She removed the gag and ball 然ick, she said, 奏his is how we proceed She watched the man痴 face, for he surely did not know what was going to happen 然ick, the dating issue teen man痴 urethra is now fully plugged over most of its length He could not pee if he tried I will hold dating issue teen the dating issue teen probe dating issue teen and Julia will now stimulate the cock until he comes dating issue teen 然ick, do you see dating issue teen the situation? 塑es, mistress.


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糎hat is it? 閃istress, how will he come, if the way is blocked? 薦xactly, she said dating issue teen 薦ither the ejaculate will go backward into his bladder or dating issue teen will dating issue teen force dating issue teen its advice dating parent teen way around the obstacle and out, dilating the urethra past its present limit Now Mr X has dating issue teen already taken medication to tighten the opening to the bladder So the advice dating girl teen question is, during dating issue teen the agony dating issue teen of the cum痴 passage out, how dating gay teen will the urethra stand the added volume and pressure The man went pale, and Rick痴 heart started pounding at the chilling plan The man didn稚 want things dating site teen to proceed, but his cock began dating issue teen to dating issue teen expand around the probe 践ow dating free services teen are you doing? Mistress D inquired 善lease Mistress; I知 scared I don稚 want to come 前f course you do! dating issue teen Every man dating issue teen does And so you will but at a price 然ick, she said, 惣ou池e probably wondering why dating issue teen he is not gagged Well, the adult dating teen dungeon is sound proofed When he comes dating online site teen and feels as if his cock is agency dating internet online splitting, I wish to hear the screams And so does Julia Julia nodded dating issue teen He did in fact scream in fear as he approached orgasm Julia masturbated him with one dating issue teen hand and herself dating issue teen with the other Mistress dating issue teen D held dating issue teen the dating issue teen probe in one hand; with the other, she reached through the slit in her dress and frigged herself, she seemed enthralled by the tip, the stretched slit 全ometimes the cum is blood tinged, she said Julia proceeded, dating issue teen the women always standing so that Rick had a clear view Rick dating issue teen saw the man痴 body stiffen, and for a second the fear screams subsided Julia痴 hand moved with more rapidity and dating issue teen she dating issue teen leaned over Mistress D moved the cock dating single teen toward dating issue teen her, and online free dating agency uk Julie dating issue teen licked the tip Suddenly the man climaxed A terrified shriek rent the air Then another Rick felt a stab dating issue teen inside his own cock dating issue teen The women痴 gazes were riveted to the tip of the dating free teen tip man痴 cock Rick saw the cock dating issue teen distend as the semen flooded into it Nothing came out Then the cock bulged with the second wave of ejaculate, and a dating issue teen little cum oozed from around the probe; Rick could see the tinge The man seemed to have a small seizure, which set off both women痴 climaxes Then dating issue teen he choked and went limp, and the rest of the cum ran out into Julia痴 hand cupped beneath his dating issue teen cock.

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