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The lips of your pussy were widely parted, dating help teen wet dating help teen with excitement and totally dating help teen available "I知 going dating help teen to take you alright my sweets" he dating help teen said lustfully "But this is for my pleasurenot yours" You moaned in delight, screaming as he thrust dating dating sex teen help teen his cock inside you All you could feel was another orgasm dating help teen beginning He slowly took you, holding your breasts and pulling your bound body towards him dating help teen He squeezed your nipples with each thrust deep inside you You squeezed your lips tightly around him, covering him in your hot juices dating help teen His long deep thrusts used dating help teen your sex for his pleasure You thought he was so deep inside your he would touch your tongue Everytime your rhythm began to build, he changed his pace He knew dating help teen exactly how to pleasure dating help teen himself without letting you slip over the edge Eventually dating help teen he screamed as he came inside you, his hot sperm exploding inside you He came dating help teen adult dating teen like gangbusters, you were still as dating help teen frustrated as ever, wishing you could be released from your torture When agency dating internet online he regained his composure He dating help teen could see that you were dating help teen pretty much at the dating help teen end of your rope dating help teen He amusingly asked if you still wanted dating help teen to cum Your dating help teen look was dating help teen enough of a response 前K thenyou致e been a fairly good slave prisonerbut in this house of horrors and there dating internet teen is only one way for females to cum Are you sure you want to dating help teen take your chances in my ultimate house of horrors dungeon?" he said "YESSSSS" was dating help teen all dating help teen you said At this point you dating help teen didn稚 care what strange experiences may befall you You only wanted release from the hours dating help teen of frustration you had experienced "OK my dearyou asked for it" he said "The old chocolate ice dating guidelines teen cream approach I see!" After hearing that comment your eyes glanced up sharply wondering if you had made the right decision "What the hell does dating help teen he mean by the chocolate ice cream approach?" you thought Had your sexual desires overtaken common sense?? It was to abuse dating teen dating help teen late to back out now! He led dating help teen you dating help teen to another room which you hadn稚 noticed before In it was a huge bed with a number of "contraptions" above it He tied you dating help teen temporarily to the four corners of the bed.


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You dating help teen saw him place bars in an "X" dating help teen black dating teen fashion dating dating interracial teen help teen between the tops of the four corner posts of dating help teen the bed The bars had numerous holes in them He placed a dating help teen series of pulleys on the bars and ran 1" nylon rope through dating help teen them He attached one end of a advice dating male teen strand of advice dating parent teen rope dating help teen to each of the head corner posts, and the other end of each rope to each of your ankles dating help teen He pulled the rope tight, holding the excess of both ropes in his adult agency dating in online uk hand dating help teen Then he removed the bonds holding your knees and ankles abuse dating teen to the foot of the bed You felt your ankles being pulled up toward the ceiling, spread apart, and pulled back over your head The dating help teen rope was tied Your legs dating help teen were left splayed widely apart, with your feet high in the air straight back dating help teen just past your head dating help teen Your tormentor then attached dating help teen a new strap across your hips and canadian dating gay services teen attached each end down to the lower end of each foot online free dating agency uk corner post This effectively prevented you from bending article dating online teen your knees and dating line teen trying to cover yourself at all New pulleys, new devices and thin wires were then placed over four new pulleys, dating help teen two on each side Funny devices were attached to the ends of the wires The wires went up to one pulley, across to the other on the same side, and down Suddenly, you dating help teen knew what the devices were!! They were CLAMPS!! "Oh shit" ran through your mind again He grabbed one nipple and squeezed hard! He slowly opened the clamp, placed it dating help teen over your nipple, and let go! You bucked wildly The pain dating personals teen was more dating help teen intense than before and the other nipple felt the same age dating teen torture as the first, and a new wave of terror swept over you "Scared yet?" he said dating site teen "Yes" dating help teen you yelled "What are you doing?" "You'll find out soon enough my sweets" he said "You DID say you wanted to cumdidn't dating matches teen you" Slowly, the pain subsided somewhat Gradually, you began to wonder what dating help teen the other end was for Just dating help teen then, you felt his hands on your pussy lips, and YOU KNEW!! The first clamp was placed on your left lip, then your right You dating help teen started to struggle, then realized dating man older teen dating help teen that the more you struggled , dating help teen the more intense the pain in both your pussy and tits The clamps were attached dating help teen to the wires by short springs.


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Tension in dating picture teen violence one end caused tension dating help teen in the other The only thing you could dating help teen do to reduce the pain was to raise dating site teen young your hips up dating help teen as far as the restraining strap would allow That was about 8" The masked man still wasn't finished A stiff rod was attached between the lower part of christian dating devotionals teen the dating rule teen "X" frame overhead It hung down dating help teen directly above dating girl teen your dating help teen gaping sex The tormenter attached what appeared to be a large, penis dating service teen shaped dildo to it, with a wide extension just above and about 3" back from the dating help teen "cock" head He lubricated the dildo well, and manipulated a thumbscrew on the shaft dating help teen of the rod The rod telescoped down and you felt the dildo slowly enter you It spread you as wide as you dating help teen could stand but the depth of penetration was carefully designed a method to the madness so to speakyou would find dating help teen out why in dating help teen seconds "So my little sweets, how dating help teen do you like my modern day rack!" he said "Here痴 dating help teen the deal If you raise up to relieve dating help teen tension on your tits and dating help teen pussy, the cock penetrates you fully, and the dating help teen wide extension presses firmly and directly onto your bald, dating story teen lovely, engorged, protruding clit! As I will now demonstrate, that little device dating help teen is motorized to give you a multitude of orgasms you said you most assuredly wanted You dating parenting teen watched dating help teen in horror as the dial in his hand dating help teen twisted! The dildo began to vibratethe extension dating help teen was vibrating as well If, however, you lower your hips to partially remove the dildo, and move your clit away advice dating online teen from dating help teen the extension, you increase dating help teen the painful tension in your pussy lips and tits You will most likely be able dating help teen to stand the tension in agency australian dating online your tits and dating help teen pussy only so long You dating help teen will have to move your hips up to relieve the tension eventually SoYou asked dating help teen for orgasms! You池e gonna get orgasms!!! Maybe dating help teen even more than dating help teen you bargained for! Quite an ingenious device don稚 dating help teen you think? " He laughed You weren稚 dating help teen quite sure what to expect Seems like you were about to go from one extreme of no dating help teen orgasms to the other of endless orgasms You weren稚 sure which was worse Nevertheless there was nothing you could do about it except accept your fate A modern rack dating site teen indeed! Given your prior conditioning, your immediate thought was to release the sexual tension that dating help teen had been building up in you for hours by lifting your quivering dating help teen crotch dating help teen up to meet the vibrating dildo.

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