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He pulled your wrists together behind your back and snapped dating free teen the links canadian dating gay services teen dating free advice dating girl teen teen together and thrust dating free teen you towards the dating free teen middle of the room dating free teen From the table he picked up a suede leather collar, similar to ones already on your wrists, and gently placed it around your soft neck fastening the silver padlock beneath your hair The collar had silver rings canadian dating gay services teen at the sides and in front; He fastened a long chain to the dating free teen ring under your chin, letting the cold metal fall between dating free teen your sighing breasts, across your flat navel and dangle between your thighs Your hips were spread widely You wondered what would happen next You surprisingly found yourself wanting to be taken like this "Kneel" he said placing a dating free teen firm hand on your shoulder Almost immediately he thrust his hard dating free teen cock between your moist lips dating free teen Your tongue teased its length as you slowly moved backwards and forwards It felt hard and hot to your caresses His cock slipped from your lips and dating free teen you wantonly searched dating help teen for it dating free teen with your open lips, dating free teen unable to see dating free teen it You gasped as it dating free teen brushed your cheek, as he holds it in front of you, he teases you with it, not letting it dating free teen reach your waiting lips "Lick me everywhere" he continued You obeying wantonly "Make me come in your dating free teen mouth"; dating uk online dating agency free teen You wrapped your lips around his pulsating cock and took him right inside you "Does this make you want to come?" he quizzed You dating free teen did not answer but inside dating free teen your mind dating free teen was a resounding yes! "I am going to ravish you until you beg me to dating free teen make you cumand even then my dearwe値l see" Within minutes he felt his sperm dating free teen about to dating rule teen explode and grabbed your head, spurting deep into your throat again and again You swallowed dating story teen violence savoring the taste, feeling his come dating group teen on your dating free teen tongue dating free teen dating site teen young and lips You gently licked his softened cock, knowing you had an arduous evening ahead of you He dating free teen lifted you to your feet As dating free teen you recovered your balance you felt a tug at your collar as the chain tightened He led your around the room pulling at your leash, telling your how he was going to tease dating free teen you so slowly dating free teen you could hardly bear it He stopped dating free teen and parted your thighs feeling your hot juices dating free teen with his fingers.


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He pushed your dating free teen ankles further apart and taking two anklets, which matched the ones on your wrists, and fastened one to each ankle On the floor were two steel rings about three feet apart, he chained your ankles to each ring He released a silk cord on the wall and the pulley above your head lowered a candelabra from the ceiling dating free advice dating parent teen teen At each holder dating free teen was a dating free teen steel ring and he lifted your dating free teen wrist clipping the rings together Quickly he attached the other wrist, leaving your dating free teen wrists at shoulder height You lowered your head and let your hair fall forward over your naked shoulders You knew he was dating free teen going to tease you immensely dating free teen before taking you You were dating free teen scared but also very dating free teen excited The mixture was exhileratingsomething you hadn稚 expected Why dating free teen was he dating free teen so patient, you thought dating matches teen He pulled the silken cord and lifted your arms above your head until you were standing on the balls of dating free teen your feet Deftly he tied the cord and mused on the almost naked woman in front of him He reached behind your head and removed the dating free teen blindfold You had no idea what advice dating online teen was dating gay teen next You rocked backwards and forwards suspended by the chain You found yourself trying to move nearer to the warm fingers penetrating your sex You had no dating free teen way dating free teen to stop him from pleasuring you and you moaned softly He continued dating free teen to tease the hot lips with his fingers thrusting his finger dating free services teen dating free teen deeper inside you Your soft moans changed dating free teen to cries of delight as you struggled to lower your body dating free teen held dating free teen taut by the silver chains over dating free teen your head You quivered making small cries aloud as you almost began to climax You groaned in despair as he stopped dating free advice dating male teen teen unexpectedly "Please, pleaseanything Don稚 stop" dating free teen He wanted to take your like this, but thought better of it After all this agency australian dating online was Halloween and this was his modern day torture chamberand besides she DESERVED this exquisite torment dating free teen He walked across the room and picked a dating free teen leather phallus with two chains dating parent teen attached to dating free teen its base He parted your mouth with his fingers letting you kiss his fingertips with your tongue Then he pushed the leather object between your pursed damp lips letting your kiss the full length of it.


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He slowly dating free teen made love to dating free teen your lips with the leather instrument letting you dating single teen chase it with your tongue He stepped behind your and rubbed it against your clitoris dating information teen gently dating free teen probing inside dating free teen your pussy lips You moaned in delight and moved your naked bottom dating rule teen in circles to increase the sensations You felt the damp soft leather rub against your sex Your wetness was soaking its exterior and within seconds he thrust it inside you You screamed with delight dating free teen thrusting down with your damp lips, then arching your back to thrust down again You moaned dating free teen in ecstasy with dating free site teen web each thrust He slowly pulled it away from between your parted lips "Please," you dating free teen begged "don稚 stop Do anything Just take me" You dating free teen felt the sensations spread through your dating story teen violence body with the phallic object inside you Your moans dating free teen and cries of pleasure amused him as he slowly played with you, gradually filling your with its whole length, then withdrawing He knew the sensations would not be enough to let your reach your climax, but keep your almost there forever "Please," you begged "don稚 dating free teen stop Do dating story teen violence anything Just take me" The sensations spread through dating free teen your dating free teen body, to your breasts, dating free teen your achingly dating free teen open pussy and erect clitoris Your muscles clasped the dating free teen phallic object inside you making your moan dating interracial teen and cry out uncontrollably He dating free teen stopped moving it inside you as dating free teen you grew closer to climaxing dating free teen Eventually he took one of the chains fastened to the phallus and tied it to the back of a dating free teen leather belt he put around your waist, pulling the chain tightly between the cheeks of your bottom He dating free teen also reached down, and dating quiz teen using the other small chain, pulled up it 18 dating gay teen under between your thighs and attached dating free teen it to the front of your belt You wriggled from side to side trying to increasing the tingling inside you, hoping there was some way dating free teen you could take yourself to orgasm He watched as you tightened your muscles thrusting your hot lips around dating free teen the toy inside you, your hips gyrating and your voice lost in your sensual pleasure But nothing dating free teen worked You moaned "Please, make me cum Please!" He knew how much you wanted to cum and to enhance the effect, gently squeezed your left nipple firmly between his two fingers.

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