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My leash hung between my breasts, nothing dating teen else to cover me The conversation was spoken freely, by Master and I She kept giving free online dating agency me dirty looks, her dating teen face questioning me She broke and dating teen spoke out "Sir, dating teen Why do dating teen you allow your slave to speak to you in this manner? You deserve respect at all times She, should never speak to you like this" Her voice strong Master's eyes turned red He sat silent for a few minutes I did not speak I was then told to clean up and wait She was told to move her ass to the bedroom dating teen I got right up, and article dating teen started to remove the dishes She glared at Master But moved to the dating dating site teen young teen bedroom I did as I was told and washed and dried the dishes Got everything all speck and dating teen span again As dating teen I was taking my place besides Masters chair The burning was starting in my pussy I dating teen just got dating teen to my knees, I heard the dating 18 dating gay teen under teen door to the dating teen bedroom open She walks dating teen pass me, I look up and notice she is christian dating service teen nude Her butt red, as red as an apple She was dating teen now wearing the same cuffs dating teen and collar that I am wearing She takes her place at advice dating male teen the side of Master's dating teen chair Master sits, patting my head as He does "Now, girls This is the way it is to be You" His head turns dating teen to her "Will from this point on be nothing, I mean NOTHING more dating teen than a girl, here I asked you to be dating teen here to dating teen be apart dating teen of littleones training Nothing more I hope with your ass the colour it is now, you dating teen understand this completely" "Yes, Master I do now understand, again I am sorry for any misunderstandings Please forgive me Littleone, you as well, dating teen I thought I was doing as Master wished" Her voice now soft dating teen and dating teen gentle "Good, now go and get the room ready for the three of us We will be there shortly" His voice now clam My temper was brewing, she had called Him Master Was He not my Master anymore? The questions dating teen were racing threw my dating teen head He waited till the door shut to the room, before He spoke I did look over as I had never been in that room before it always had a pad lock on it I thought it was just a storage room or something "Littleone, before your mind dating teen races with doubt Let me say she is not mine.


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dating personals teen Yes, she will call me Master, when we are together like this Only because I think it will help to keep her in line dating teen We have talked of so many things over the months One of them being different people, different rolls She is switch, and was having a hard time dating teen staying with her sub side dating teen I don't think it will be dating teen a problem at all now" Masters voice was soothing and clam He took his dating teen hand and put it under my chin tilting my face upward "This is it littleone, the time has come You will be with her You will do this, because I want it You will do it to please me" He smiled as He spoke "You will do this because dating girl teen tip you have it in you I know this and you dating teen are about to find out" dating teen His lips came to dating teen mine He reached down and unhooked my short leash Looked at me, His eyes told christian dating service teen me to lift my hair He then attached it to the back of the collar With a slight tug I went to my hands and knees He walked me slowly to the door of the room As I crawled behind Him my pussy was burning I felt it was starting to be cut dating teen by dating teen the strap, that pulled every time I moved Master touched my head, giving the confidence to carry on Once in dating advice dating love teen teen side the door, I dating teen felt dating teen a coldness as I looked dating statistics teen around I had never seen such things before There was candles burning every where Soft calming music that I loved played My eyes looked all about the room I know the questions where building dating teen in my mind So did Master He told me we would dating teen talk later of this room He walked me to the square in the room Pulled me to my dating teen feet This was dating free site teen like a large empty article dating teen door dating man older teen frame, with rings bolted to it dating teen Master, unhooked my short leash She, then took over and undid the strap at the back of my collar The relief was instant in my dating teen pussy, as the leash fell between dating teen my legs She moved around and unhooked the advice dating parent teen front of it Folding it christian dating teen dating teen in half, she kissed it, and held it to my lips advice dating parent teen I kissed it, I could smell, my wetness on it She held it there for a few more seconds, until I licked at it, tasting myself Master motioned to her, and she dating teen turned me around, pulling at my ankle hooking it online free dating agency uk to this door frame Kissing my ankle after it was attached.


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Then, she did the next one Her kiss did not stop at dating teen my ankle, this time Her mouth was kissing its way up my leg dating teen I trembled dating teen She kissed my shaved mound, but did not stop, she moved up dating teen Taking my wrist, and hooking it to the door frame, dating teen then the next When dating teen she was finished, she went to her knees, dating teen and dating teen stayed there I looked up and saw Master sitting in His chair I dating teen then realized this was dating teen Our room Our cyber room, dating teen but it was real Master arose from dating teen His chair, walked dating online service teen to me article dating online teen Kissed my lips tenderly, my nose Each kiss so soft, and He held His lips there for a few seconds Then He kissed dating teen my eye lid I gasped, a little because I knew this meant darkness dating teen was about to come He then dating teen kissed my other eye lid Covered my eyes with a blindfold, leaving me in a world, dating free teen that I trusted Him to dating teen take me too I was left for a while, it dating teen could have been minutes, dating teen it could have been an hour Other dating teen than the aroma, of the candles and the music I felt alone What was about to dating question teen come, I did not know The anticipation was taking dating dating line teen teen it's toll on me My mind raced My body swayed dating teen black dating teen as I hung in this door dating teen frame, my body starting to warm, as dating teen my pussy was speaking to dating free online teen dating teen me I jumped, I felt hands on my breasts No warning, no noise Her hands small and firm, His large and knowing I knew it was the both of them My nipples pinched and twisted Each breast dating teen massaged, with great care I was feeling the warmth dating teen in seconds There mouths came to each nipple Sucking and nipping at dating teen them at the same time I could not help but to dating teen moan as the pleasure was there My body swayed as I stood there, enjoying this to the fullest I could tell it was Masters arm that dating teen wrapped around me, to steady me A mouth pulled of my dating teen nipple scraping it some, I moaned Then, it was clamped and it was tightened more than dating teen I had ever felt before I gasped dating teen loud, and pulled at the bindings as dating teen it hurt Masters lips came to my ear "Let it happen littleone, relax and let it happen" dating teen His voice soothing My body heard Him and I started dating teen to relax The next breast was clamped, again I could not dating teen hold back I yelped Pulled at the bindings again.

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