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Mistress D regained her dating parent teen dating question teen senses and looked dating question teen at dating online teen Julia 賎ood girl Now eat some and save a good portion for Mr X and for Rick Obediently, Julia dating question teen began licking the cum from her hand Mr X, having awakened, saw what was in store He looked helplessly at the Mistress as Julia痴 hand approached his lips 薦at! dating question teen she said, 双r must I get the steel rods again? dating question teen He lapped up dating question teen most of it 遷ulia, remove the probe; collar him and take him away Julia approached Rick, who was shaking his head 然ick, do it dating question teen 鮮ot on your life, Mistress dating question teen 糎e値l see Remember online dating agency for single you have agreed to punishments Rick persisted, for he realized he could not be facing an ordeal with the probes Mistress D had agreed not to make any such dating question teen insertion 塑ou look thirsty Julia, release his nipples, untie his balls, and give the dating question teen man a drink 遷ulia, the sterile tube tray, please dating question teen She walked over to Rick and explained that she was simply going to measure dating question teen him dating teen tip On the tray he dating question teen saw several six-inch lengths of rubber tubing, of different diameters dating question teen 選 am dating question teen going to start with the standard size He saw some kind of insertion was planned 腺ut the limits! 然ick, the agreement was about hard dating question teen objects Stop complaining His stomach contracted; he realized that Isha must have worded the limit so as to allow his dating question teen cock to be penetrated The mistress put on her gloves and lubricated the 6mm- diameter length, and holding dating question teen his cock gently, eased dating question teen it into his urethra There was discomfort 塑ou池e OK, aren稚 you? dating question teen 詮ine, mistress 選 am not going dating question teen to hurt you, so agency dating internet online tell when dating question teen there is real pain She tried the next dating picture teen violence size, 2 mm greater, and it too dating question teen fit easily She then went to 2 more millimeters 践ow is it? 閃istress, advice dating online teen it feels tight 前K, we値l just dating question teen make sure She took the next size, 12 mm and began to insert it into his slit There was sudden sharp pain 前uch 詮ine, 10 mm it is Julia bring the #30 French, 3-way Foley catheter on its dating question teen tray dating question teen Rick, dating question teen who had barely heard dating question teen of that name, was shocked Julia brought the tray, and dating question teen Mistress D opened the package The catheter was essentially a long piece of latex tubing with connection points and a small bulge dating dating parenting teen question teen near the dating question teen special tip at one end.


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禅here are three channels in dating question teen the tube; the first is a drain; the second is to allow for the balloon at the end to be inflated so that the tube stays in; the third we may not need to use Handling dating advice dating teen question teen the tubing carefully, she lubricated the insertable end dating question teen dating question teen She told him dating question teen to relax dating question teen and began expertly to ease it into his cock He felt it going further into his depths Then all of a sudden it felt like he dating question teen was going to pee; she gave a slight, last push, and then there was dating question teen relief The tip was in his dating question teen bladder He felt the beginning of a flow he could not control, and looking down, dating question teen saw drops emerge from the far agency black dating online end, which she had placed in the mouth of dating question teen a jar on the floor; but she quickly applied clamping forceps to the tube and stopped the flow Julia dating question teen went to the tray, picked up adult agency dating in online uk a syringe, dating question teen which was apparently filled with water, inserted it at the connection point and inflated the balloon There dating question teen was a dating question teen feeling of pressure in his bladder He was very queasy, for Mistress D explained that because the tube was large enough, dating girl teen he could not pee around it, only through dating question teen it; which would dating dating teen young question teen occur when she pleased, when she took dating question teen the clamping forceps off the tube He had a feeling of dating question teen dating interracial teen utter helplessness An dating question teen aching void abuse against dating teen came to the pit of his stomach He sensed that, by now, a couple hours since he arrived, his bladder dating question teen was dating question teen almost filled 然ick, have dating free online services teen another drink He understood and turned away 腺etter take it We have ways of getting the water into you, if you force us He drank it down 鮮ow, here is a second glass Please He drank that too dating help teen 糎e are going dating question teen to leave you for an hour, dating question teen Rick Be back then Mistress D and Julia unstrung Mr X, fastened a collar around his neck and led him out with them Left alone to his thoughts, Rick was satisfied dating question teen with himself in most ways He had not cringed or cried He wondered what was ahead, but thought he had 疎n ace in the hole in that Mistress D was dating question teen responding sexually She was a dating question teen woman and she reacted, as one, to genuine virility A dating question teen half an hour passed; his bladder began seriously to ache He tried to pee, dating question teen but nothing came out.


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He dating question teen could see that the jar was empty At the one-hour mark, there was dull pain, and he was squirming when dating question teen they entered dating question teen with another blindfolded man 閃r Y, announced the mistress dating minneapolis services and strung him from the ceiling 糎atch 腺ut first he started 漸uiet, you are to feel the pressure dating question teen christian dating service teen build as you watch us torture dating helpful teen tip him They walked over to him, and Rick saw dating question teen that dating question teen Julia carried a jar with a white cream dating question teen in it She got a gob on one finger, approached the dating question teen man and shoved it up his ass He seemed startled Julia wiped her fingers and began to stroke his cock; the man smiled as he became erect Then there dating question teen was an odd expression on the man痴 face and he began squirming 然ick, that was Liquid Heat It relieves sore muscles, you know The man dating question teen started to cry out, and was quickly gagged, but he continued to squirm dating question teen 賎o ahead, Julia Julia dipped two fingers into the cream and got dating question teen a chat dating free room teen giant gob She went dating question teen over to the man, who this time understood dating question teen and looked terrified She went behind him and inserted the two fingers She pressed them in as far as dating love quiz teen she could and stirred them around This time the effect was almost immediate He yanked at the restraints, and then his body started shuddering A chill passed through Rick 腺ring him up, again, dating question teen Julia, and dating question teen dating fact teen keep him that way I will get the whip Julia applied herself to advice dating girl teen his prick, and it dating question teen was up in a hurry, notwithstanding the thrashing dating service teen about Before it was completely erect, Julia took a black plastic ring dating question teen with a bulge to allow for passage of semen, and put it dating question teen over the man痴 penis She shoved it to dating question teen the base, and continued stimulating him The cock rose, and Rick saw the ring embed into dating question teen the shaft It began to turn purple, and the head dating question teen darkened and grew to dating question teen half again its dating question teen normal size Mistress dating question teen D, in the mean time, had arrived with a whip and started on his butt and his back At each crack, his dating question teen body jerked Methodically she whipped him from shoulder down to his butt, dating question teen making dating question teen them deeper red, then purplish Then she flayed the front of his thighs, without any dating question teen apparent concern for his cock He stopped struggling and just moaned.

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