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It seemed dating statistics teen as if Their roles were pre-determined as They stood before daria One stroked her face - fingers slid down her cheeks and traced her lips He smiled as her lips parted slightly, as He slid His index finger into her mouth her lips tightly closed dating statistics teen around it The Other walked behind her His hands slid over her hair and down her back as He gently pushed her forward daria put her hands on the deck - her mouth continued to suck the finger as dating statistics teen she dating statistics teen would a cock her cuffed wrists kept her hands close as her ass raised to dating statistics teen the Man behind her she felt the cool creamy oil as He squirted it onto her lower back, her ass - then into her crack as He spread her cheeks His hand massaged the oil into her skin as the Other removed His finger from her mouth daria knew to keep her head high as she raised her ass higher Reaching out, she grasped the cock that neared her mouth; her tongue tasted the tip and swirled around the head Then she quickly wrapped her lips around it and pushed down on the hard shaft dating statistics teen A dating statistics teen soft whimper escaped her as she felt dating statistics teen the dating rule teen dating statistics teen second cock push against her tight asshole Though she dating free teen lifted dating statistics teen herself towards it, the sear of pain took her breath dating statistics teen away as He pushed Himself deep inside daria cried out as tears fell down her face The Man in front thrust His hips ~ dating statistics teen shoving dating statistics teen deep down her throat she knew not to dating statistics teen make a sound as He entered her throat; she knew dating group teen her Master was watching her carefully and expected her to comply as she would with Him daria's tight dating statistics teen throat massaged dating helpful teen tip and enveloped the dating online service teen cock as dating sex teen her hips pushed back and forth on dating helpful teen tip the other cock dating interracial teen deeply embedded in her dating statistics teen ass she felt the balls slapping her chin and ass as They rode her in unison she felt the juices flowing out of her pussy she felt the needy throb of her clit her mouth was stretched wide dating free service teen and filled as she cut her eyes up the eyes of the Man before her she saw His desire dating statistics teen as she felt His hands in her hair, pulling her head closer against Him she smelled His scent as her nose pressed against His pubic hair she felt the hands clutching her hips - the cocks pounding deep in her.


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her ass moved faster and harder - pushing back, slamming The sweat poured over her face and body as she whimpered on the cock that had become her gag Both Men moaned; Their movements still faster and more frantic her tongue and ass moved with dating statistics teen Them Their hands smacked and pulled at her Fingers shoved into her pussy, fingers pulled, pinched and stretched her nipples Pain rushed through her body as the pleasure partnered with it Groans filled her ears as Both Men pulled out of her and pumped Their cocks furiously Cum shot onto her body and covered her face, breasts, back and ass It slid slowly dating statistics teen over her Silently, she sobbedher body writhing in frustration - the need to cum over powering her And denied her daria remained dating statistics teen on her hands and knees dating statistics teen as the Men stood in front of her face her mouth opened again First to suck and clean the cock that had been in her mouth; she dating help teen lapped the dating statistics teen shaft and dating statistics teen balls carefully Then she moved her face towards dating statistics teen the cock that had filled her ass she smelled the earthy scent and tasted the distinct flavor dating statistics teen of the most dating gay teen intimate part of her dating statistics teen body As she licked, she listened to the words that commended her Master on the training of His dating statistics teen slut A dating statistics teen hand clenched dating issue teen a swatch of her hair and dating statistics teen yanked dating statistics teen her to her feet "Turn to Me, girl," dating statistics teen the soft voice best online dating web site said daria turned as a smile lit her face "Look at Me," her Master commanded she lifted her eyes and looked into His dating statistics teen she felt His hands on her hips holding article dating teen her; dating statistics teen she felt His Ownership of her heart, mind and body A slight dating statistics teen shudder ran through her and she watched His mouth form a small smile as He understood her reaction to His touch her eyes pleaded for Him to use her ~ dating statistics teen to love her "daria, you dating statistics teen know My pussy is never shared you adult agency dating in online uk dating statistics teen know the only cum ever to enter dating parenting teen the body I dating statistics teen own is Mine you know Others will use you as I desire Them to you know Their cum remains on My whore agency australian dating online until I tell dating christian dating teen statistics teen you to remove it" He dating statistics teen quietly continued, "you know what you are and Who you belong to you have pleased Me, girl" daria's face dating statistics teen reflected her joy at His words He smiled as He wiped her upturned face dating statistics teen with a damp cloth; then He bent forward and kissed her nose as He slipped a dating statistics teen t-shirt over dating statistics teen her head..


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"you are Mine and I choose to enjoy you later, baby Now dating uk online dating agency statistics teen I want you to sit with Me dating statistics teen and enjoy the dating statistics teen day," He smiled at His slave Then He pulled her to dating statistics teen His lap and held dating statistics teen her gently as dating statistics teen T/they watched the Others fish.

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