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She, taking a sudden deep breath in and releasing it in gasps as she held still, not daring dating rule teen to move without permission "Master, please may i give You my orgasm?" I reached for the clamps and slowly dating rule teen released the pressure "Yes, my jewel, you may cum for me" As dating rule teen the blood returned to the tortured nubs, her head fell back and, without moving, dating rule teen she orgasmed Her vaginal muscles clamped down and dating teen young spasmed around me, fluttering against my manhood She cried out unintelligibly, and dating rule teen then began to move her hips Small movements, but enough to carry advice christian dating teen her through to another climax Moaning, crying out my name, gasping, she came dating fact teen again She slowed and stopped "Master that was dating information teen wonderful, thank You But You did not cum, m'Lord Please may i pleasure You?" "Oh you will, jewel謡e have barely begun" She smiled We stood, I led her to the bedroom, and she climbed onto the dating rule teen edge of dating rule teen the bed on hands and knees Standing behind her, I cupped her swollen pussy with one hand and gently caressed her With the other dating rule teen hand I took the anal dating rule teen bead wand from the bedside table As I lubricated it in her juices, jewel moaned at the firm stimulation I held the wand at the entrance dating rule teen to her ass and slowly increased the pressure As christian dating service teen she felt this, she moved dating online service teen back against me, dating rule teen trying for penetration I held dating rule teen her back and continued slowly pushing Finally, the first bead popped through dating rule teen her dating guide teen asshole and she groaned with satisfaction I continued the pressure and she moaned in anticipation, remembering the progressively increasing size of the beads dating rule teen My dating rule teen other hand was dating line teen still softly stroking her pussy dating rule teen mound - barely touching One by one the beads popped into her rectum and jewel's moans rose in pitch as she was filled dating rule teen When only the wand dating rule teen handle remained protruding dating rule teen I let go of it, allowing her some time to feel the beads inside her and to yearn dating rule teen for their movement I hadn't thought it possible, but her pussy was growing wetter and her sighs of pleasure became louder My free hand softly rubbed dating issue teen the bead wand, dating rule teen transmitting the slightest vibration onto her sensitized anus I flicked it and she gasped, rolling her hips toward dating dating pre teen rule teen the dating rule christian dating devotionals teen teen hand on dating rule teen her pussy.


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Again I dating rule teen flicked, over and dating rule teen over, each time keeping my hand barely touching her dating rule teen thrusting pussy mound By now she was moaning and dating rule teen pleading for more stimulation "Don't hold out now Remember, jewel, you may dating rule teen come whenever you wish" "Oh, but Master, i am not free online dating agency i am so close dating rule teen i need just a little more, please?" With that I grasped the wand and began to pull it out As each bead broached her anal ring, I would allow dating rule teen it to slip back inside slightly before finally extracting it As dating rule teen each bead dating rule teen left her dating idea teen rectum, jewel would cry dating rule teen dating statistics teen violence out, and my hand on her pussy could feel the spasms as her vagina contracted in orgasm Even when all the beads were removed, she continued to cry out intermittently as the aftershocks rippled through her, causing more, smaller dating rule teen orgasms Finally she was done and she collapsed sideways on dating rule teen the bed, looking at me past half-closed lids "Thank You, Master, oh thank You" "You are welcome, jewel Would you like dating rule teen your dessert now?" "Yes please, Master, i would" "It will take a small period of time to prepare, so whilst I do that I would like you dating rule teen over here" I indicated the kneeling apparatus I had built She had been on it once before, and when she realized to what I was going dating rule teen to attach her, she smiled and growled with arousal Gingerly she lowered herself onto the vibrator attached atop the vertical pole I had dating rule teen built this device to my sub's specific measurements, so, when I separated her knees slightly advice dating male teen and secured them to the forward cross bar dating rule teen she was deeply, deeply penetrated and quite unable to move up or down I arranged the clitoral stimulator exactly on top of her pink nubbin Quickly I strapped her ankles dating rule teen to the rear cross bar, buckled dating rule teen her wrists behind her back, and then secured the cuffs dating rule teen to the main dating rule teen bar of the dating free online teen apparatus beneath dating rule teen her crotch She was helpless, penetrated, full, and immobile I gazed dating helpful teen tip at her in adoration She gazed at me in pleasure and submission until I replaced the blindfold "I dating free services teen dating rule teen will return" I rapidly assembled a plate bearing strawberries, whilst dark chocolate melted in a small bowl I returned to the bedroom.


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My jewel was breathing heavily and very slightly rocking her hips backwards and dating rule teen forwards預bout the only movement my apparatus afforded her and one dating girl teen tip that normally I would punish Tonight, however, I was in a generous mood, and dating help teen happy to see her dating rule teen stimulate herself I pulled a chair close in front of dating rule teen her and sat She could smell the dating rule teen chocolate and the fresh tang of dating picture teen violence the strawberries She licked her lips I dipped a strawberry in the chocolate, gathered the drips on the fruit, and held the concoction an inch from her lips Again she licked her lips, "please Sir, may i have Your dessert擁t smells delicious" Smiling, I touched her lips with the fruit; she opened and devoured the sweet food "Mmmmm, gorgeous" dating rule teen she said "May i have some more, Sir?" Again I fed her, until the bowl was empty "All gone, my pet," I said She smiled "Master, may i finish my dessert by tasting Your cum? dating rule teen Please? It advice dating girl teen dating rule teen would be the perfect ending to the perfect meal" My dating rule teen sub is a fellatio expert and the thought agency black dating online of her expert ministrations excited me immensely Wordlessly, I leaned dating help teen over dating rule teen and turned on the vibrator Her head fell backwards and chat dating room teen her back arched "Yesssssssss!" she hissed I stood in front of her, my cock rock hard and purple as it had been most of dating rule teen the night The head brushed her lips, and dating rule teen she opened dating rule teen her dating rule teen mouth and kissed my dating rule teen manhood Slowly she engulfed me揺er warmth and wetness arousing me still further She withdrew, and licked me from base to tip, moaning as she did so "Can you taste yourself on my cock, jewel?" I asked, knowing the answer, adult agency dating in online uk but wanting to hear dating sex teen her words "Oh yes, Master預nd we taste sooo good Oooooh Sir, i am so closeto cummingagain" As she moaned in orgasm she took my cock deep into her throat and massaged me with her muscles Humming and moaning and groaning, the vibrations transmitted to my cock drove dating pre teen me higher and higher My hands stroked her hair and, dating dating story teen rule teen as my hips started to buck fucking her mouth, I lightly held her head By dating rule teen now she dating rule teen was groaning and twitching continuously as orgasm after orgasm dating rule teen hit her With her movement on the dating rule teen vibrator dating guidelines teen so restricted by her bonds, she was totally at the mercy of dating rule teen the device..

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