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I dating fact teen loved it Seeing that slave using his tongue to dating fact teen clean his cum off Mom's boot was awesome For the next month or so, Mom would let me be her assistant dating fact teen in other sessions I learned a how to flog, how to behave, how to dominate and how dating fact teen to get peek obedience Pretty soon, the guys were starting to ask for me alone And I even did a couple them It was great" "When," I dating fact teen asked, "did you do a session by yourself? How old were you?" "My first slave was the first guy Mom let dating fact teen me whip For anybody else, I was a sweet eighteen For dating fact teen my slaves, dating fact teen I was a sadistic Dominatrix dating fact teen Anyway, the guy called about dating fact teen six weeks agency dating internet online later and asked if I would dominate him alone By that time, I'd grown much more comfortable in my Mistress role and had done quite a few sessions with Mom He told me he loved the idea of serving such a young Mistress and suffering dating fact teen humiliation at the dating love quiz teen hands of someone as pretty dating fact teen as me dating teen tip dating fact teen I was excited by the prospect of doing him on dating fact teen my own I wanted to be in complete command and not Mom's adult dating teen second fiddle But I dating fact teen was still too young to just accept him I checked with Mom first dating fact teen Surprisingly, she agreed readily and even filled me in on some of the things this particular slave liked and dating issue teen needed When he arrived, I met dating fact teen him at the door wearing a black negligee over my bra, panties, garter belt, advice dating parent teen stockings and dating fact teen high heels I also had on a dating fact teen pair of black leather, elbow length gloves After taking and stashing his tribute, I dating fact teen led him to the basement At the bottom of the stairs, I ordered him to take off his clothes dating advice dating teen fact teen and to get on his knees His cock was already dating fact teen dating guide teen up nice and hard I had him lick my shoes while I put the collar around his neck, then dating issue teen dating fact teen led dating fact teen him dating group teen over to the frame, doggy-style When he'd been secured snugly, I used my hands to caress his ass, marveling that it was mine to whip, that I dating fact teen could whip and tease him as much as I wanted And I wanted to I dating fact teen started with teasing Reaching between his legs, I circled the top of his bag with my fingers and began pulling and squeezing christian dating service teen I alternated that with stroking his cock He moaned and tried to bring his head around to see me.


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I yanked on his leash and told him to stand still dating fact teen He was squirming dating teen young Letting go, I walked over dating fact teen to dating fact teen Mom's trunk and made a online free dating agency uk big, slow production of opening it and searching for dating fact teen the right whip I told him dating fact teen that because I was a teenager didn't mean he was going to dating fact teen get off lightly Knowing he dating fact teen could see me, I made a show of picking up two or three dating fact teen different punishment toys and appeared dating fact teen to consider each before choosing a swishy little buggy whip His anxiety level went up noticeably the longer I took to make my choice" Diana interrupted her story to observe the tent pole in my housecoat "You are dating fact teen a slave, aren't you?" It was dating fact teen more of a statement than a question "Yes, I dating fact teen am, Mistress, but please finish your story" "Before I do, I want you on your knees here at my feet dating fact teen Lick my shoes" Diana waited until I was in position, tongue laving her shoe, before picking up where she'd left off "After dating fact teen picking the whip I intended using, and making sure dating fact teen I didn't wander out of his line of sight, I walked dating fact teen up to the front of him, looked dating fact teen him in the eye and told him dating fact teen I enjoyed whipping and dominating men and that I dating fact teen was looking forward to leaving my dating fact teen marks on his back He begged me not to do that because he was married and didn't want his wife to see them dating fact teen I told him I didn't give a damn, that he was here to be my slave and whipping boy, that I'd do what I pleased And it would please me to reduce him to a pulp You should have dating fact teen heard the begging It was music to my young dating fact teen ears This dating minneapolis service was dating single online dating agency uk fact teen the first time I dating fact teen had a slave all for myself and I intended to enjoy it to the max And besides, Mom had told me this one was more into mental domination dating fact teen than actual physical abuse I was making sure he got his money's worth" To me, Diana said, "Keep licking my shoe, slave, and while you're at it, stroke that big cock, too I know my story is turning you on Don't cum" "I gave his cock a dating fact teen few jerks and kissed dating fact teen him flush on the lips I wanted him to know he was my toy and I'd do whatever I wanted with him He was horny and so was I I ran my gloved had over dating fact teen his lips and dating fact dating free online teen teen he kissed and licked it.


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Then dating guidelines teen I said I dating fact teen was ready to whip him I held the buggy whip for him to kiss, too When he puckered up, I laughed Remembering how Mom did it, I told him dating fact teen to count the lashes and to thank me after each It was beautiful! I loved whipping him I dating fact teen loved knowing that I knew dating fact teen things about him dating fact teen his clerks, and even his wife, would dating fact teen never know He must have gotten about 35 lashes from my whip dating fact teen that day Not all at once, mind you Every now and then I'd stop to rub his ass and squeeze his cock I wanted 18 dating gay teen under to keep him hard and horny When I let him free of the dating guide teen rack, he fell to dating fact teen his knees and kissed my feet, thanking me for what he called 'a splendid dating fact teen whipping' I led him by the leash on his knees over to the couch where I sat, crossed my beautiful leg and made myself comfortable His cock dating girl teen was pointing straight up at me" "Speaking dating group teen of cocks, how's yours doing, slave?" "I could cum any moment, dating free teen tip Mistress" "Then just hold it, don't dating fact teen play dating fact teen until I give you permission" "Yes, Mistress" "Anyway, I told dating fact teen my dating fact teen first slave to wrap his hand around it and to show me how much he wanted dating fact teen me I ordered him to pull it for me, to milk it, to caress it, to squeeze it While dating fact teen he was obeying me, I put my foot dating interracial teen under his balls and lifted them My bra dating fact teen was one of those dating fact teen push-ups with the clasp in front I released it and offered him a nipple to suck on You should have seen it What a picture it would dating fact teen have made Me sitting on the couch in my stockings, high heels, dating fact teen gloves and half-opened bra holding a leash attached to a collar around a naked man's neck, him jerking off dating fact teen on his knees as my foot caressed his balls and he licked my tit God, dating fact teen I wish I had a portrait of that I told him to cum all over my shoe As dating fact teen soon as I said it, he did What a load! He moaned and gasped as he shot When the last drop landed dating fact teen on my high heel, I nudged his balls with my foot and told him to bend his head and dating internet teen to lick it all up I dating fact teen wanted him to swallow his load He did And I felt absolutely grand I went to my room and masturbated dating fact teen after he'd dressed and left" Her story had shaken me Now I understood why she'd been anxious to meet me and dating free teen tip why she'd been at my door so many times that morning.

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