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Soft woman's hands A light feminine touch I hear one more faint "No" dating site teen But by the time I am down to dating site teen the backs of her knees, she is dating site teen moving against not away from dating issue teen my hand I finish at dating dating site teen young site teen her shins and then, starting at her breasts, I run my hands along the sides abusive dating relationship teen of her soft body Past her hips all the way to her dating site teen ankles I grasp her ankles and push them up almost to her dating site teen pussy I sit on my knees, just beside her and dating site teen pull dating man older teen her knees dating free service teen up and out I now pay attention to her wonderfully shaved pleasure mound Working only with my hands (no reason dating free online services teen to rush this) I part her lips and slowly circle her clit Slowly, rhythmically She moans loudly now With my other hand a dating site teen put two fingers in her cunt dating site teen She is wet, so wet and I slip some of her juice onto her clit I move my fingers in and out and her hips start to chat dating teen dating site teen pump lightly against my dating site teen hands She moans, but is still fighting it "IIcan't" I move up dating site teen her side but keep massaging her clit I latch onto dating site teen her tit dating free service teen and now I don't dating site teen hold back I am sucking it hard and milking it with dating sex teen my dating site teen web tongue She makes a sound deep in throat that has me nearly cumming I am rubbing my dating site teen clit against her thigh She is pumping against my hand in earnest now I dating site teen can feel her near the peak I pull my hand away and I here her gasp in need - in wanting my dating site teen hand to stay I take dating site teen off the blind fold and keeping dating site teen her eyes lock in mine, I move down to her mound I pull her hips up, so I can watch her cum dating site teen and as my tongue first touches her wet and swollen clit, dating site teen she shudders in my hands I am almost lost in the taste and feel dating site teen of her, dating site teen but I keep my eyes on her dating site teen face and as she spasms I stick my fingers in her and see, taste and feel her climax Before she has finished, I pull away, dating site teen pull my hand out and go up dating site teen to kiss her wonderful mouth dating site online london dating service agency teen She groans as the erotic taste of herself on my mouth, sends another orgasmic shudder dating site teen through her I don't let her rest, before she can catch her breath, I have her turned and up on dating site teen all 4's Her head is lower than her rear, because her hands are still tied I undo her dating site teen ankles dating site teen And set back dating site teen for a dating site teen minute I hear her labored breathing start to slow.


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I have never felt this kind of tension My whole groin is on fire My cunt is on the verge of crushing itself I did that I made her cum Now I have to catch my dating site teen breath agency australian dating online As I lean back on the footboard I look back across dating site teen the room Michael Michael is here and watching all this dating site teen I look at him and the fire in his eyes is like none I have dating site teen seen before I look lower and his huge cock is dating site teen out of his pants and in his hands I dating site teen can see it throb from here dating free online teen With my eyes on his cock, I move my hand down dating site teen to my clit I immediately start moving against my hand And dating issue teen then with my eyes on his and dating site teen my juices flowing all over my hands, dating site teen I cum and some of the tension is dating site teen relieved But the look in his eyes is burned in my dating site teen brain as I turn back to Kitty As I kick off my heels and stand over Kitty, the look in Michael's eyes is consuming my brain I straddle her and start to rub my still hot cunt on her ass cheeks She is sweaty and I am wet and we slide wonderfully together She starts to move against me I change dating site teen positions, so that dating site teen I am facing away from her head I rub against her and move one hand to her cunt I move fingers in and out and rub my clit adult dating teen dating site teen dating internet teen against dating site teen her smooth skin This is dating site teen not enough contact I get off dating site teen and flip her over Now with her ankles dating site teen free I open her thighs wide I look down at my very own slave and shudder with the overwhelming dating site teen pleasure of it I slap christian dating teen lightly her inner dating site teen thighs with my open dating site teen hands She moans and writhes I slap just a few more dating site teen times and the nip and suck at online dating agency for single them I then move my head to dating site teen her clit I run my tongue up dating site teen from the rear of her lips to the tip dating statistics teen violence of her clit My hands wrap dating site teen around her thighs I am face down in her dating site dating free site teen teen advice dating parent teen pussy My own rear is up in the dating site teen air I start to dating site teen eat that sweet young pussy The feel and smell dating site teen of it has dating site teen me moaning Then I hear a slight change in Kitty's moans I look up dating fact teen from my dating site teen luscious agency black dating online work dating site christian dating service teen teen to see dating site teen Michael dating site teen sucking her breasts This enflames me further and I start to fuck her cunt with my tongue She is pumping dating site teen against my face Suddenly I dating site teen feel Michael at my thighs He pulls my legs apart and starts to eat me from behind I nearly fall over.


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Instead I just bury my face further in Kitty's pussy Michael is doing his dating site teen level best to fuck me senseless with dating site teen his tongue and he dating site teen knows he can do it I move my attention back to her clit I lubricate one finger with her own juice and slowly put it in dating site teen her dating site teen ass Her dating site teen muscles clinch my finger Michael is sucking my clit and dating site teen I am almost dating interracial teen over the edge But dating site teen I concentrate on dating site teen Kitty I move the finger in and out very slowly dating site teen Her moans increase to the primal level and her whole body bucks as she cums Michael is the one to move quickly now He pushes me up so I grab onto Kitty's breasts again with my mouth He pushes my head down to make sure I now what I am expected dating site teen to dating service teen do He pulls my hips up and spanks both buns a few times It is dating site teen too good With Kitty still writhing below me and that dating site teen sweet sting on my dating site teen ass, something to suck in my mouthmy dating site teen juices are flowing down my leg Michael takes my hips in his hands and plunges into me Oh, God, I cum immediately 2 thrusts dating site teen of dating site teen his agency australian dating online rod and I dating site teen am dating site teen spasming and milking his dating site teen cock He teases a little and slips dating site teen young the head slowly out I have to dating site teen stop what dating site teen I am doing to Kitty to catch my breath and as he pulls dating site teen out I am breathless dating site teen with pleasure Then he thrusts back in again and my cunt shamelessly cums again dating site teen and dating site teen again Now he is pounding me dating site teen in dating site teen steady rhythm dating site teen and I am in sexual dating site teen oblivion, one wave dating site teen of pleasure after another In the middle of one dating question teen wave, dating site teen Michael pulls out and pushes me down to the bed dating site teen He stands over Kitty and I, lying side dating site teen by dating site teen side His cock is dating site teen in his hands and I know what is coming I moan deep in dating site teen my dating site teen throat in anticipation Michael's bucks once and then shoots a stream of cum into mine, then Kitty's mouth We are both writhing in pleasure, as the cum covers our mouths and tits Kitty and I dating site teen roll toward each other and kiss and suck the cum off our dating site teen mouths and dating site teen breasts; dating site teen moving dating site teen against each other making as much contact as possible I don't dating site teen want to let dating site teen go of my precious gift I look up at my Master "Oh Michael, how can I ever thank you" "I'll think of something, my sweet slave I'll think of something" * * * * * Remember to vote! This is a fantasy that I have developed in many ways over the years..

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