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土ou are late again, barb, her voice once again filled with sexy advice dating love teen sweetness, 鍍his makes three dating girl teen tip times dating girl teen tip in the last month What am I going to do dating girl teen tip with you? Mistress dating girl teen tip Heather continued her lecture, 努hen I summon you, barb, you MUST be on time I can稚 stress that enough Yet, you continue to blatantly defy me, your Mistress, abusive dating relationship teen dating girl teen tip there seemed to dating girl teen tip be a bit of disappointment in her voice now 泥o you remember how you 18 dating gay teen under were punished the last time dating girl teen tip you were late, dating free teen barb? Oh gosh, dating girl teen tip did I remember! Mistress Heather had made me wear one of those dreadful steel alligator clamps on each of my dating girl teen tip poor nipples all evening I was almost in tears just thinking about the pain those awful little serrated dating girl teen tip teeth had caused me Those cold clamps certainly hadn稚 shown me any mercy dating girl teen tip as they dug deep into the tender flesh of dating girl teen tip my nipples And had that painful lesson taught this miserable slut anything? Apparently, not!! 展ell, speak dating free online services teen up, dear Do you remember? 添es yes I remember it was awful, I somehow stammered, dating girl teen tip still staring advice dating online teen into Mistress Heather痴 cold stern eyes I wanted to beg for mercy To plead that it wasn稚 my fault But I dared not to anger my Mistress dating girl teen tip further 的t was so awful that it didn稚 dating girl teen tip teach you a damn thing did it, bitch? Shit, how could I argue dating girl teen tip with that? 鄭nd do you dating girl teen tip remember what I promised you if you were ever late again? Literally, a tear came to my dating teen eye as I said, 土es, Mistress, I remember 鼎ome now, dear, tell me what dating online site teen dating girl teen tip did I promise you if you continued your unacceptable dating girl teen tip behavior? I chat dating teen wanted to advice dating parent teen beg for mercy, to plead that I would do better But, I dating girl teen tip knew better, dating girl teen tip it was no use Finally, I summoned the courage to answer the question, 溺istress dating girl teen tip you told dating girl teen tip me dating girl teen tip that dating dating site teen girl teen tip that if I were late again I I would have to not only dating girl teen tip wear clamps on my nipples but but but, on but on my pussy lips as well 鉄o you dating girl teen tip did at least know what is in store for you? Mistress Heather asked almost pleasantly 添es yes Mis Mist Mistress, I knew I nearly sobbed, still staring deeply into her stern dating girl teen tip eyes 澱arb, dear, it really does hurt my heart to have to continue punishing you week after week for your tardiness, Mistress Heather dating girl teen tip went on, 澱ut you really do have to dating girl teen tip learn this lesson.


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添es, Mistress, was my dating girl teen tip only answer But, I wanted to scream, 礎ut, your not ready, Mistress dating girl teen tip your not even dressed you are late TOO Oh, dating girl teen tip but I christian dating devotionals teen knew better than to say anything like that, I had learned that lesson well 展ell, then, dating online teen hon, take six alligator clips out of your purse and place them dating girl teen tip on the floor in front single online dating agency uk of you Then you may take off your blouse With trembling hands I instantly dating girl teen tip obeyed my Mistress痴 command First, I took out the clips and arranged them as Mistress had ordered, on the floor in front of me Then, laying my purse aside, I quickly unbuttoned my dating girl teen tip blouse and let it slip from dating girl teen tip my shoulders, exposing my ample titties Mistress Heather couldn稚 help abuse against dating teen but notice my arousal, my nipples were both knotted up into tight little balls And, I had to secretly admit to myself that I loved Mistress Heather痴 cruel attention, like a wanton slut, I craved it 徹kay, dating girl teen tip hon, please hand me one of dating local service teen your little friends Taking the proffered clip Mistress Heather kissed it Giving dating girl teen tip the cold steel 奏he kiss of pain and handed it back 哲ow, barb, that dating girl teen tip kiss was meant for your dating girl teen tip left nipple Dutifully, I took the clip and placed it on my left nipple The pain surged through my trembling body, as the steel teeth of the devilish clip dating girl teen tip bit deep into my sensitive flesh Our eyes were still locked as Mistress Heather sweetly purred, 澱arb, dear, would you like another one of my special kisses? dating girl teen tip I didn稚 trust advice dating parent teen myself to respond, other than dating girl teen tip to hand Mistress another clip and nod my head Again she dating girl teen tip kissed the awful clip and handed it back to me saying simply, 迭ight nipple, dear Again, taking the dreadful instrument I placed it on my own hardened dating girl teen tip right nipple Once more Mistress Heather痴 cruel 徒iss bit deep into my soft and tender flesh It just wasn稚 fair; cold hard, unmerciful steel against soft female flesh After the second clip was properly in place Mistress Heather allowed me to put my flimsy blouse back on Then I was ordered to lift my skirt, which I immediately complied with The ritual was played out six more times as each dating girl teen tip of my pussy lips received three of Mistress Heather Lee痴 special dating girl teen tip 徒isses.


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my whole inner core was racked by the unremitting pain dating girl teen tip that the innocent looking dating girl teen tip clips caused 哲ow, honey, I would like you to take out dating helpful teen tip your large butt plug, Mistress cooed sweetly 前h, god no, my mind shouted, even as I dating girl teen tip complied Reaching for my purse, I quickly found the one-and-a-half inch ass plug and placed it dating love quiz teen on dating girl teen tip the floor at my knees Then Mistress Heather took my silver chain collar dating girl teen tip and pulled my face very close to hers In this position she looked me straight in the eye and said, 鏑isten you little slut, I can稚 promise you that you will learn anything from this lesson BUT I CAN guarantee you, my little slave dating girl teen tip slut, that this is a lesson that you are NEVER going to forget I knew she was right, Mistress Heather is always right! 哲ow, dating girl teen tip lean dating girl teen tip forward dating gay site teen dating girl teen tip and get that tight little ass of yours high in dating online site teen the air, your knees spread wide like the slut you are she demanded When I had my 36C titties pressed firmly into her ceramic tile flooring and my ass dating girl teen tip raised high in the air with my legs spread obscenely dating girl teen tip wide Mistress Heather softly said, 鉄lut, you now have ten dating help teen seconds to dating girl teen tip bury that plug dating girl teen tip in your asshole In my haste, I fumbled around and dropped the plug scrambling I retrieved it free online dating agency and quickly had it posed for insertion I realized dating girl teen tip I didn稚 have much time left, so without any preliminaries I rammed the dating girl teen tip plug all the way dating girl teen tip home dating girl teen tip in one dating girl teen tip forceful stroke It sent another shock wave of pain racing dating girl teen tip through my ravaged body 典o slow, slut Pull it out and try again, were Mistress Heather痴 only words I could only obey 的nsert it again slut, Mistress demanded Instantly I drove the evil plug deep into my ass, harder than before 典o slow slut, pull dating girl teen tip it out Again I obeyed It came dating girl teen tip to my dating idea teen mind that Mistress was watching me fuck my own dating girl teen tip asshole 迭am dating interracial teen it home, slut, I could almost hear the glee in Mistress Heather痴 dating girl teen tip voice Again I slammed the plug home, deep into my ass 典o slow, you stupid slut Try again, she slapped my left ass check hard to add effect to dating girl teen tip her words The chat dating room teen blow was dating girl teen tip so sharp and sudden that it dating free teen made me jump dating girl teen tip And dating girl teen tip again, I plunged the evil instrument home.

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