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"Tell you what baby, you suck my cock and I'll see what I dating teen violence can do to dating online site teen help you," Jack grinned as he winked to Rufus "Oh, p-please dating online site teen don't Wha-a-a-a-a-a! dating online site teen God!" Laura's whining was interrupted by Rufus' hand slamming into her upturned ass "Git to suckin' bitch or I'll blister that white ass of yourn!" Rufus threatened, raising his hand again Laura wasted no time sucking Jack's cock into dating online site teen her mouth and although the meaty stem stretched her lips she feared Rufus' hand more than chapped lips and soon had her nose in Jack's dating game teen pubic hair and was sucking for all she was worth "Oh man Ruf!" Jerry exclaimed as he leaned back on his outstretched arms and closed his eyes in dating statistics teen violence pleasure, dating online site teen "She knows how to suck some cock!" "Well, if she's good that way," Rufus grinned at his buddy, "Then I'll dating online site teen bet if I dating online site teen push on this dildo, she'll go crazy" And with that dating online site teen he reached between her dating online site teen legs and pressed the dating online site teen advice dating male teen palm of his hand against the butt of the dildo, which dating statistics teen violence had the effect of pressing the head of dating online site teen the big rubber cock even deeper into her dripping snatch "M-m-m-m-f-f-f-p-p-p-t-t-t!" Laura protested around dating online dating rule teen site teen Jack's cock, her eyes bugging out of her head as the incessant vibrations once again drove her over the edge and set her to dating online site teen bucking in dating online site teen orgasm "God man!" Jack cried out, "You ought to feel her working her throat on the head of my dating online site teen cock! Yeah baby! Git it sweetheart! black dating teen Laura, totally engrossed in the sensations of her orgasm dating online site teen began to suck in earnest on the fleshy stem of meat dating online site teen embedded in her throat dating online site teen and soon she felt the head of Jack's cock begin to swell Suddenly Jack dating dating minneapolis services online site teen threw his head back and grimaced in pure pleasure as he unleashed spurt after spurt of hot dating online site teen cum down Laura's throat dating online site teen Gradually, both settled back down, but Rufus was impatient for his turn He quickly stripped advice dating love teen off dating online site teen his shorts and dating online site teen jock and said "Git up man! I wan' me some ah dating online advice dating online teen site teen canadian dating gay services teen that stuff!" There was dating online site teen a loud "plop!" as Jack's cock slipped from the grasp of Laura's cum slickened lips and Laura turned in Rufus' direction "Oh my god!" she cried as her eyes widened advice dating girl teen at the dating online site teen sight of the biggest, blackest cock dating online site teen she dating online site teen had ever dating online site teen seen.


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Rufus' cock was fully fourteen inches long and had a head the likes of dating site teen web which Laura had never seen "P-please n-no!" dating online site teen she gasped, dating service teen "I can't get that" "Shut up bitch!" dating online site teen Rufus replied as he replaced Jack on online free dating agency uk dating online site teen the bench, "Either you suck dating online site teen it or I fuck you in the ass with it Your choice!" Just dating online site teen then Jack reached between her legs and slammed his hand against the butt of the continuously vibrating dildo And again Laura dating online site teen screeched dating online site teen in pleasure as the head of the fake cock bumped the tender tissue dating matches teen of her vulva With that Rufus saw his opportunity and plugged the head of his burgeoning cock into her wide-stretched lips "M-f-f-f-m-m-m-f-f-f-p-p!" Laura gagged around the ebony stem of dating online site teen meat as Rufus grasped her hair and began to push dating online site teen her face dating online site teen onto his cock At the same time Jack's free hand was busy worming its was under the leather strap holding the dildo and dating issue teen butt plug in place Soon he found hot pink nub of her clit and began stroking it under the tight dating online site teen confines of best online dating web site the strap "M-m-m-e-e-e-e-w-w-w-w-l-l-l-l!" Laura whined in passion and need, bucking online london dating service agency her hips between the vibrating dildo and the pressure of Jack's now rapidly stroking dating online site teen finger Again her orgasm caught dating online site teen her by dating online site teen complete surprise dating online site teen and as she black dating teen gasped in pleasure Rufus ran his turgid cock meat into her dating online site teen mouth until his balls rested on her chin She gurgled as his cock filled her mouth, her breath hissing out of dating online site teen her flaring nostrils and then began dating online site teen to bob dating online site teen her headRufus, being in an advanced state of excitement, flexed his sphincter and sent a squirt chat dating free room teen of precum into Laura's now greedily dating online site teen sucking mouth The additional lubrication was all she needed to begig to dating online site teen easily slide her lips up dating online site teen and down the black horse-like stem of his cock "Oh, yeah b-baby!" Rufus grunted, "You were right man, she can suck some cock!" Jack, busy on his own right continued to press dating online site teen the dildo deep into Laura's gushing pussy and diddling her clit with dating online site teen his other hand Then dating issue teen for the second time in fifteen minutes Laura felt a cock head begin to swell in her mouth "Ah, dating helpful teen tip shit! Oh yeah baby, here it is!" Rufus cried out almost as if surprised and his cock jumped in her mouth as huge gobs of think white cum spurted into Laura's greedily sucking mouth..


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Again the sighs of release filled the quiet air in dating online site teen the dating local service teen park and again Laura slumped over the bench in relief and release Jack was the first to speak Grabbing his shorts and stepping into them he threw Rufus' shorts at him and said, "C'mon, dating game teen man, let's go get Phil and Jerry!" Rufus' face broke into an evil grin and he jumped up, quickly stepping into dating forum teen his shorts, dating online site teen "Oh yeah man, they won't believe this shit!" Laura was rigid in fear and disbelief, "B-but what about letting me dating guide teen go?" she questioned, almost begging "Oh baby," Jack said with a grin as he and his buddy turned dating online site teen and began to trot toward the car, "We can 't let you go yet, we have some friends we want you to meet!" They quickly drove out of dating online site teen the park and Laura was left dating online site teen slumped over the bench, nipples stinging, clit throbbing, and pussy and ass buzzing Just as she got her wits about her, she heard a car approaching "My god," she whispered to herself, "Surely they're not dating online site teen back already " Mortified, she watched the entrance road as the sound of the car drew nearer and then the white dating online site teen form of a police cruiser came into sight Again, Laura didn't know how to respond The cruiser was guided into a parking space and Laura watched in fear and hope as dating online site teen the doors openedOut stepped two officers and Laura gasped as she realized that one was male and the other female.

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