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A dating russian teen sudden surge of panic hit me I realized dating russian teen we needed to finish the job we had started "Becky, damn it, straighten dating russian teen up" I warned, "we have a lot of work ahead dating russian teen of us and we need to get moving!" I struggled top dating russian teen get to my feet I felt as if I was dating statistics teen playing an imaginary game of solitaire "Twister" My hands went right, dating russian dating teen tip teen they went left, my feet kept slipping beneath me I finally got up onto all fours, my legs and arms stiff, with my ass high up in the air I remained like that dating russian teen for a few minutes to retain my balance Becky looked over at me and began to wail with laughter In between article dating online teen her bellowing cackles, she managed dating russian teen to catch her breath long enough dating russian teen to inform me that I looked like some sort of sick camel dating russian teen "Shut up, Becky, Shit!" I cursed as I tried to obtain a stance I inched my hands back to meet my feet, slowly, dating russian dating issue teen teen awkwardly Finally they touched and I began to dating idea teen , bit by bit, stand solely on my feet When I eventually made it, my head started to spin I closed my eyes to ride the wave of nausea to non-existence When I opened my eyes, I noticed Becky was dating russian teen no longer laughing Instead she dating russian teen had a look of shock and had lost dating russian teen the color in her face Just as I was going to ask what was the dating gay site teen matter, I saw a dating russian teen tall dark dating russian teen shadow cast onto the floor Someone was behind me My heart skipped dating russian teen a beat, my hands started to tremble Do you remember the feeling you had when you were young and dating russian teen you knew you were going to get it when you got home, the sinking feeling before you actually reached the front dating russian teen of your house, the anxiety, the sheer terror of the unknown? I felt a hard tapping on my right shoulder I slowly turned around dating russian teen staring at the floor afraid to glance up His dating russian teen shoes dating russian teen I lifted my head dating russian teen little by little dating russian teen His long legs His slender waist His broad shoulders His furious face It was Curt God help us, he was home "What dating russian dating help teen teen in the FUCK DID YOU TWO DO TO MY HOUSE!" he dating russian teen ranted " YOU HAD A FUCKING PARTY YOU'RE DRINKING MY FUCKING BOOZE AND SMOKING POT, IN dating russian teen MY HOUSE IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!!!!!" he continued enraged He threw down his briefcase and kicked at a pile of trash on the floor.


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He dating site teen young lunged for me, dating russian teen but he stopped himself I could tell he was dating picture teen trying hard dating russian teen not to kill dating russian teen us both dating russian teen He fought hard to regain his composure His eyes so fierce, so dating russian teen piercing, like a dagger dating russian teen stabbing right through me He was an extremely tall man and he towered dating russian teen over me I felt so inferior and insignificant by his stature when we had first met With his dating russian teen current disposition, I felt even more so He turned away from us and started erratically pacing I think he was trying to keep his sanity and dating russian teen to think of what he was going to dating russian teen do with us Even though he was wearing a captivating business suit, dating free site teen web I could see that he was rather muscular and quite capable of snapping us in two, like dating russian teen a brittle, dating russian teen dried twig He eventually dating russian teen calmed down dating russian teen and went over to the couch, moved over yet more trash and sat down He held his head dating russian teen in his hands, once again trying to gather his excusably irrational thoughts dating russian teen He brushed his fingers through his lightly salted, dark dating internet teen wavy hair Becky and I have not moved from our positions Mostly, because we dating russian teen uk online dating agency were petrified Curt finally raised up dating russian teen and leaned dating russian teen against the back of the couch, propping dating russian teen his arms across the back I could hear the leather squeak beneath him dating russian teen He took a deep cleansing dating russian teen breath dating helpful teen tip and stared at us Pondering Plotting revenge, which was my concern I was right Boy, was I right He tightened his jaw and began to tap his fingers against on the dating russian teen back of the couch Remember that feeling I mentioned? Daddy was home and he was pissed Boy are we gonna get it! "You two dating quiz teen have a choice dating russian teen to make" he dating russian teen firmly stated " dating russian teen I can call the police and have you both dating russian teen arrested dating russian teen for vandalizing my property not to dating russian teen mention dating parent teen drug usage" he negotiated, "or you can pay the penalty MY WAY, and justice will be served, MY WAY dating russian teen -your little friend Brad, keeps his job and you two you may leave after I am through with you" dating russian teen he finished Becky rose to her feet online dating agency for single I don't know about her, but I am now completely sober We looked at each other, trying to dating russian teen search dating russian teen each other for an answer Finally, I got up enough nerve to speak "What is your way of dealing with this, Curt?" my voice meek and shaking inquired.


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"You two have behaved like irresponsible dating russian teen dating guide teen childrenyou two have dating dating gay site teen russian teen been very naughty and I am going to teach you a lesson" he dating russian teen said sternly Becky dating russian teen and I looked at each other again for guidance, for some inkling on how we were going to get ourselves out of this one We looked at each other, then back at dating russian teen him, again back at each other and then back at him I managed to bring myself dating russian teen to be vocal again "Please, Curt, dating free site teen web please- there has to be another way we can go about this I mean, we will clean this place from top to bottom I mean, we will come dating russian teen here everyday clean" I spewed dating russian teen out "And cook" Becky added I looked back at her, "And cook every day I mean we will make this up to you, I promise" I pleaded "You promised to take care of my home while I was gone, Nicole Obviously your promises mean absolutely nothing" dating russian teen he said coldly He dating russian teen had me on that one I begged one last time "We will do whatever you want, Curt, just I dating russian teen mean, I know what we did was awful, but, there is something Some sort of way we dating issue teen can work this out other than those particular" He abruptly dating russian teen stood to his feet and grabbed the phone off the coffee table "I am calling the police now!" he interrupted dating russian teen "WAIT!" Becky dating russian teen and I both shouted out in dating russian teen unison We dating russian teen already had had a couple of brushes with the law We both knew with our list of priors, we dating story teen violence would be going away for some time "Just, what exactly do dating russian teen you mean by teaching us a lesson?" I anxiously asked He put the phone down and walked towards me I cowardly stepped back with every step he took towards me Finally, I bumped back dating relationship teen into dating russian teen Becky We held each dating free teen tip other as he circled us "I am dating russian teen going dating russian teen to discipline you dating advice dating online teen russian teen both! I am going to spank you hard, like the bad little girls you have both been deserve! I dating russian teen am going to punish both of you, dating girl teen severely for what you have done!" he informed "Do you understand NOW??!! dating russian teen He he dating free online teen dating russian teen loudly asked "Yes" I said softly "yeah" Becky quietly answered too "I dating russian teen do not think you both heard me, DO age dating teen YOU UNDERSTAND??!! He shouted "YES!" we answered back "Yes, WHAT, YOUNG LADIES??!! He screamed "Yes, sir! We replied.

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